Activities of mothers attend training

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hi the steemians around the world greeting healthy from me @murhadi9

on this occasion I also wasted my time and the opportunity to discuss a bit and also introduce steemit to them because these housewives do not know about steemit and also they have never heard about steemit and also they could ask me what and its function steemit and also what to its advantage steemit hence therefore I discussed a little about steemit problem and also its usefulness hence therefore after i give tau about steemit and its usefulness mak they want also use steemit.

then after they know a bit about steemit and also they already know to the steemit profits and also they immediately told me to register his account kepda me then I do not have much time because I have to go elsewhere jug because I have an invitation from my friend to attend the meeting at one of the gathering places of the steemians but on this occasion I also had time to register the account of a housewife is namaya Idawati then after I list her account then I advice kn to him after today I list his account and he must wait for his confirmation during one week.

in this case I still have to register many of my other friends account and at most I suggest to housewives because they know steemit so they can help the needs of day to day then I am very happy because there are some people I have succeeded to join steemit hopefully fore i can suggest more to join with steemit karen steemit sangt profitable and also its result also very satisfy.

thank you everyone who has read my post may be useful


by: @murhadi9


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