Campaign#deletefacebook and joinsteemit

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My name is @murhadi9 I work for campaign # promo-steem of sir @stephenkendal and @kibriakk.

I am very supportive with the mera program some time ago and also I am very grateful with there his campaign #deletefacebook and #joinsteemit

Both @stephenkendal and @kibriakk is very good for steem promoter. They work hard for making more user on steemit.
Their promo is #deletefacebook and #joinsteemit .

Promoting #Steemfair and #Steemfair {-my country}
Promote and display Project #Steem and #Steemit Accounts in #Steem Blockchain at trade shows, shows and exhibitions hopefully this #steemfair fore will also be more developed

Congratulate them for being a 1M steemit user in a few years.I hope that in 2022,steemit will be no 1 cryptocurrency
join our campaign

#Investor-Group -News Cryptocurrency is also very amazing and can also help us all the steemians.



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