today the ambassador team gives us directions to the steemians

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hi friends steemians around the world meet again with me @murhadi9

on this day me and my friends are very happy because we can meet with the ambassador team hence therefore we also had gathered in our coffee shop the steemians feel happy because today met with ambassado that is @khusairi @suheri @herryazmi11 then in terms of this they also lead how how to use the steemit and also berpostingan character and useful then in this meeting meteka very much taught us about steemit because I and my friends still do not know much about steemit.

on this occasion they also had time to promote about steemit to us all of my me and my friends very happy because we get additional knowledge to us all
and also in this case me and my friends are very happy because we can gather with ambassador team in this case we can add knowledge about new strategy and also they also suggest us how to post nice and character

thank you very much to the ambassador team @khusairi @suheri @herryazmi11 who has given us a motive to all of us hopefully in the future we also want to become a team ambassador like them.

by: @murhdi9


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