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I have been reading lots of articles on gaining visibility, if I must say they are all good.
I just noticed something, what is lacking is not visibility rather attention.

The normal theory on steemit how to get visibility is to create a quality article and it will be noticed.

most of us have been drop articles, mind blowing ones, some of us spend days in organizing, arranging and typing our post and after all these we still don't get noticed or rewarded.

It's heartbreaking to say steemit is more than what it seems, there are little curator with the heart of rewarding quality posts.

it's now based on personal relationship

It's now all about the community that appreciates your work, it took me awhile to admit this bitter truth.

I'm not writing this article to kill your spirit, No but to appeal to the whales with the steem power that something needs to be done.

According to @reko's stat publication, there are over 902,793 registered steemit accounts and only 60,084 active users.


I think there are much more factors aside the fact that the will to push through for those members isn't there.

Let's look from their point of view and also mine

imagine you spending hours daily typing articles, spending time doing research and creaking your head, after all that your article got ignored. How will you?
Then same day you decided to scroll through the feeds and find articles with "Hahaha", "stressful day", "food is ready" on trending with reasonable amount of sbd. How will you feel?

I have been really active in promoting steemit lately and I got a, message from someone saying what value will those people you bring to the blockchain add, steemit is looking for investment and not members.

I want to clear you on something, without members then there is no need for steemit, and without investors regular members won't earn. So the two work hand in hand.
Even if they are not financial opportunity to invest at least they put in energy and time to contribute on steemit

Let's look at @ned vision of steemit (producing 100 thousand entrepreneurs in the next 5years) meaning steemit is meant to help liberate people. Believe me nobody like things being hard and slow, we all want things fast and easy, if we are all capable we will invest.

Steemit is a community built upon love, let the love circulate.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm @raymondbruce


This is really on point, because Ive met so many steemians who lost their muse or love for the platform because their work isn't always appreciated even if it's noticed. And at a point, they are forced to believe reward or curation is based on relationships.

I just hope a lot of whales see this and do something about it.

I'm glad we share same views, you can help pass the it round.. By resteeming . Thanks

You have a right point of view @raymondbruce, we need to make community to gain more visibility in our publications.

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