Advertising Steemit on Facebook

in #promo-steem3 months ago

As the owner of the Facebook Page, Science and Technology on the Social Blockchains, Facebook offered me a $20 advertising credit. I'm not exactly clear on the terms, so it could wind up being "buy one get one" or it could be a $20 credit on my first ad.

Either way, yesterday, I made use of it to boost this post.

If it's "buy one get one", then I guess I'll be doing more Steem advertising on Facebook in the future.

According to Facebook, the expected reach is 410 to 1200 people per day, with daily engagement from 96-278 people.

When it goes live, it will look like this


As you can see, the advertisement is still "In review"


If you're on Facebook, please consider sharing this link in order to bring some more attention to our little blockchain!