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RE: Please help to support STEEM Promoters.

in #promo-steem3 months ago

Now we really need at least x10 @stephenkendal to support this growing army of #promo-steem. Your up vote and sponsor encourage them to continue their promotional activities. But it is difficult to support them all for you and who are not getting your support , they are being demotivated to promote #steem . So it is necessary to get more supporters for PromoSteem community. Thank you.


For the past few months I have tried to encourage more users to replicate what I am doing in terms of sponsorship supports, but sadly I have failed miserably to get this message across.

On top of this, support for my work has also dried up meaning that I may have to scale back my ability to fund ongoing sponsorships.

With both of these coming at the same time as an anticipated growth in #Steem Promoters I am concerned that support for those promoting #Steem may slow down.


It is very sad that we didn't get any supporter after your long try from few months. But I think every one should support this kind of work because this is useful for every steemit user. It is difficult to do any work alone.