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RE: Do you have a Promotional Campaign promoting Steem and would like some help buying Promotional T-Shirts? If so, I would like to Sponsor you.

in #promo-steem3 months ago

Hi @stephenkendal, I want to distribute 10 #promosteem clothes to friends. Where are the clothes we use in the meeting room? I want to make #promo-steem even more awesome. We want to have a steem promo shirt with that logo. Hopefully, you will give me a steem gift to make this shirt. I hope you can help us here. Thank you.



Is this meeting you are talking about?





The meeting looks awesome.

Do you have a T-Shirt Design that you would like to use?


yes, I mean that meeting. we will be wearing #promo-steem clothes in the future in the meeting room. I already have a shirt design. I will also use that logo. I would love it if you can help us.


I am sure I will be able to help you guys out.

How many T-Shirts would you be able to get printed if I gave you 100 #Steem?

Can you also share with us your T-Shirt Design that you would like to use, incorporating the above SK logo on the front.


Hi @stephenkendal. I will make 10 #promo-steem clothes for friends. I also share with them later.


We want to wear these clothes as soon as possible. we will continue to support #promo-steem.

Do you have an alternative Design that promotes #Steem and has a more visual impact.


I will also use the steem logo on the shirt. in order to be wider

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