As Steem drops to $0.157095 and wipes out the gains seen in the last month, where next for Steem?

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Where next for #Steem?

As #Steem drops to $0.157095 and wipes out the gains seen in the last month, where next for #Steem?

Sat at the support at just below $0.16 and with a Market Cap Valuation of approximately $56m #Steem appears to have wiped out the gains made in the run-up to the announcement of the acquisition of #Steemit and the Stake in #Steem sold by Ned to Justin Sun.

Should more be done in Promoting #Steem?

It should come as no great surprise to those that follow my Blog when I ask this question.

"Should more be done in Promoting #Steem?"


100% there should be.!!

It's the responsibility of the #Steem Community to promote #Steem

It should also come as no great surprise when I say it is the responsibility of the #Steem Community to promote #Steem.

The buck stops with us.

Not #Steemit, not Justin ...... but us, The #Steem Community.!!

Massive Shout-out to everyone out there promoting #Steem

I would once again like to say a Massive Shout-out to everyone out there promoting #Steem and especially to all those that are out there promoting the new #Communities feature on #Steemit.

Keep up the great work, you are doing an awesome job.!!

Should #Steem drop to below $0.08

I will be keeping my eye on #Steem over the next few weeks and should #Steem drop to below $0.08 then I think we are in for a very long and bumpy ride.

A ride that could see some extraordinary changes in the Ecosystem.

Thanks again for reading.



I've pretty much lost all hope in steem, I recently purchased a large amount I'm holding on an exchange. Huge loss, huge disappointment, finally after all these years I realize it's time to walk away.

Steem just went down like every other altcoin. Lets wait for the Tron / Steem Meetup maybe we get somepositive news from there.

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No steem did not drop like every other alcoin, Steem fell more than any alt in the top 100. It's down 50% a complete and utter joke. Most coins only fell 15-20% which is nothing.

@stephenkendal brother I love to see your post every time on steemit I really inspired from your work to promote steem #promo-steem I started promoting steem from last week I just realized many steemit users are still not interested to promote or market steem that's why I think your doing excellent job

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Keep promoting steem good night stay blessed

Even tho i dont want steem to go to 0.08$ there is also a part of me that would like buy alot of steem at 8 cents.

Thats right.
If the token falls below 0.10 dollars, it will favor buyers like both of us. Winks

I thought that Steem would grow beyond $0.3 if it joins forces with Tron.
This came to pass but steem has gone back to its vomit.

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