Design a Steem T-Shirt Contest. Pledging the #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship.

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem around the World - #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship Pledge

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#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship Pledge to @saracampero

As a massive fan of the work that @saracampero shares with us, I am always fascinated and blown away by her extraordinary artistic and creative talent she has.

Inspired by one of her latest Blogs, I would like to propose a #Contest for her to run that I would be more than happy to Sponsor with 100 #Steem.

First of all, for those that may have missed her recent Blog that inspired me, here it is....

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Credit: @saracampero

Credit: @saracampero

Design a #Steem T-Shirt #Contest

After reading her Blog I came up with an idea for a #Contest that I would be more than happy to Sponsor @saracampero to run.

The #Contest could be named something like .... "Design a Steem T-Shirt Contest" and would be promoted using the #Promo-Steem #Contest #Steem and #Steemit tags.

The 5th tag could be the name of the #Contest that is being promoted.

The #Contest would be kicked off by @saracampero in a Blog inviting Designs for the T-Shirt and would be open to everyone including: Designers, Artists, Students etc etc.

Users would submit their T-Shirt Designs in a Blog tagging @saracampero and the Winner's Design would be printed by @saracampero on a T-Shirt at her printers.

All Designs that are submitted to the #Contest must be "Free-to-Use" and free from any Copyright.

If the challenge is taken up by @saracampero I would be more than happy to send over the 100 #Steem to her to cover the cost of Prize Monies and the printing of the Winning Design.

50 #Steem would be used as Prize Money for @saracampero to give out to the Winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

50 #Steem would be used by @saracampero to print the Winning T-Shirt Design.

If @saracampero was happy to take up the challenge and was happy to run the #Contest I would send over the 100 #Steem today as well as helping her to promote the #Contest when it is up and running.

Please join me and support @saracampero to take up the challenge.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem around the World - #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship

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At last I managed to make the announcement: DE God bless the initiative.

It's absolutely amazing.

I love it.

Well done and I am looking forward to seeing the Designs come in.


The designs of @saracampero are very beautiful, I especially liked the one with the Steemit Woman Club print, because of the highlighting of the colors with the black background.

@stephenkendal excellent initiative and motivation for the Steem Woman Club community, presenting this idea to @saracampero for the realization of this contest.

This publication I already shared on my Twitter..



Sir, i think if you declare a T-shirt design #contest on tweeter, this will much better to promote #steem.I hope many new user will come to steemit by this #contest. Please forgive if say something wrong. Thank you. ❤️

This is a great idea and would be a perfect way to promote #Steem and #Steemit on twitter.


Extraordinary the creativity carried out by @saracampero with the prints of the t-shirts, they were really beautiful and applauded the incentive @stephenkendal for the Steem woman club community, which is growing more every day.

@stephenkendal sir, Very good contest post sir.T-shirt Design Contest is a fascinating contest. I am fascinated by it.We want a wide spread of literature and support on the platformAnd continue to work beautifully and honestly.

Or the front of the t-shirt says:

My post is STEEM'in today!

And the back of the t-shirt says:

My NFT is STEEM'in today!

The #Contest will hopefully attract some great design ideas and mottos and I am really excited to see it running.


Wow that great contest! Very happy to hear this, everyone should support to @saracampero,
resteem done.

This is a great opportunity for promo steem lovers

It seems that the idea is good, sir @stephenkendal with the steem promo contest it will be easier in terms of promos,

It's really the great idea to promote #steem. You are doing the great job to promote steem by many ways. This T shirt design #contest may a great way to promote #steem. Thanks for all that you are doing to promote steem.

You are arranging may giveaway and contest for us. It's really the great job.Please carry on this great work.

very good contest, I am sure with this contest people can get to know steemit more easily, and we can easily promote steemit in the community, good luck always @stephenkendal

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to: @saracampero

100 #STEEM Sponsorship.

Good luck with the "Design a Steem T-Shirt Contest".

Looking forward to seeing the #Contest and helping to Promote your Blog.

Good luck.


Great Incentive @stephenkendal, which is giving to support Steemit Woman Club through @saracampero. So that all the women of Steemit can develop and elevate their creativity.

Shared on twitter.

Please help to support the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to twitter.



The post you made on Twitter @stephenkendal, was Retweeted on my Twitter.

What a great contest.
Promo-steem is an excellent job of maintaining worldwide steem to remote rural villages.

@ Stephen Andal Sir, best wishes always. A very good competition. I pray we can learn a lot through this competition. We can easily promote Stemate. I pray you will be good.

Very nice concept by @saracampero thank you so much sir @stephenkendal for promoting steem this way, I hope you’ll successfully promote #trx too. Thank you

Good idea indeed, I have seen @saracampero design such great tshirts and posed as model, she works on craft and steem women club posts of her really great. Thanks for sharing sir @stephenkendal

I appreciate this promotion, making tshirt and promo steem is a very good idea. Good luck

steem promotion with tshirt design sounds really very exciting, waiting to see entries for the contest

T-shirt contest post i like it.good job sir,

Another front and back concept:

"I start my day with morning toast and a post."

"Earn STEEM with every post!"

I am not a graphic designer but I do occasionally have a bright thought.

Steem promos through clothes are very effective and easy to absorb by everyone, hopefully the contest runs as soon as possible.

this is a very good idea.

Great... I will be looking forward to this contest to make the design.... Thank you Mr. @Stephenkendal for always thinking, pushing and supporting contests in Steemit.

@saracampero We are waiting for you my friend, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE A GREAT ARTIST! :)

Wao ya hemos hecho el diseño de nuestras camisetas para promocionar Steemit en nuestra comunidad y conferencias, sin duda participaremos! Gracias @stephenkendal por este patrocinio e idea fantástica!

super genial esta idea amigo

It's not wrong if I mentioned in my article yesterday, that you are truly a great steem motivator, If this contest really materializes, I will invite my new friends to both accept this challenge, We are interested in participating. Whether we are chosen or not as a winner is not a problem, we are happy if we can participate for the purpose of promoting steems and building steemit to grow more. Hopefully @saracampero welcomes him well.

How about a t-shirt with the words:

My post of SteemIt is STEEM'in today!

We really appreciate your effort on steemit world.