Do you have a Promotional Campaign promoting Steem and would like some help buying Promotional T-Shirts? If so, I would like to Sponsor you.

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote Promotional Activities promoting #Steem - Sponsoring #Steem Promotional T-Shirts

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Helping to Support and Promote Promotional Activities promoting #Steem

Over the past few months there has been a considerable uptake in Promotional Activities promoting #Steem and I am always on the look out to help out wherever I can.

With a number of recent #Steem Promotional Campaigns requiring #Steem Promotional T-Shirts it has been an absolute pleasure to Sponsor these T-Shirts to help towards the cost of purchasing and printing the T-Shirts with the Promoter's design.

Are you looking to purchasing #Steem Promotional T-Shirts?

Do you have a #Steem Promotional Campaign promoting #Steem and would like some help buying #Steem Promotional T-Shirts?

If so, I would like to Sponsor you.

What I am offering

I am offering a 100 #Steem one off payment to help towards the cost of your #Steem Promotional T-Shirts.

Payment will be made upfront in order for the #Steem T-Shirts to be purchased ahead of your Promotional Campaign.

Sponsoring #Steem Promotional T-Shirts with the SK logo

To receive the 100 #Steem Sponsorship your #Steem Promotional T-Shirt design must include the SK logo.

Simply copy / paste the Free-to-Use SK Logo.png on to your proposed #Steem Promotional T-Shirt design.

Free-to-Use SK Logo.png

SK logo (static round) transparent edge.png

Please feel free to let us know what you would like

If you have a #Steem Promotional Campaign promoting #Steem and would like help in funding the purchase of some #Steem Promotional T-Shirts, please feel free to let us know what you would like.

What to include in your proposal

In order to give me a clear understanding as to what you are looking for, please include the following in your proposal:

  1. Details of you #Steem Promotional Campaign

  2. Target audience of your Campaign

  3. Number of #Steem Promotional T-Shirts you will be buying

  4. How will you distribute your Promotional T-Shirts

Supporting of #Steem Communities through Sponsorships

As #Steem continues to develop, evolve and grow one area that I am very keen to help promote is the supporting of #Steem Communities through Sponsorships.

Helping to support #Steem Communities with Sponsorships will enable those Communities to fund Promotional Activities by ensuring they have a regular supply of funding for Promotion.

Looking forward to continuing to help out promote #Steem wherever I can.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Supporting of #Steem Communities through Sponsorships

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Hi @stephenkendal, I want to distribute 10 #promosteem clothes to friends. Where are the clothes we use in the meeting room? I want to make #promo-steem even more awesome. We want to have a steem promo shirt with that logo. Hopefully, you will give me a steem gift to make this shirt. I hope you can help us here. Thank you.


Is this meeting you are talking about?





The meeting looks awesome.

Do you have a T-Shirt Design that you would like to use?


yes, I mean that meeting. we will be wearing #promo-steem clothes in the future in the meeting room. I already have a shirt design. I will also use that logo. I would love it if you can help us.


I am sure I will be able to help you guys out.

How many T-Shirts would you be able to get printed if I gave you 100 #Steem?

Can you also share with us your T-Shirt Design that you would like to use, incorporating the above SK logo on the front.


Hi @stephenkendal. I will make 10 #promo-steem clothes for friends. I also share with them later.


We want to wear these clothes as soon as possible. we will continue to support #promo-steem.

Do you have an alternative Design that promotes #Steem and has a more visual impact.


I will also use the steem logo on the shirt. in order to be wider

Great project and I love the design.

Awesome job.

I am sure this is something I can help you with and I will let you know later today.


Thank you sir,

I hope we can communicate well. I like your program, I will do what I can to support the program and spread information about you.

Funds have been transferred.

100 #Steem.

#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship for The Youth #Steem Community Promotional T-Shirts.

Good luck with your Project.


Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

I recently published a blog after receiving guidance from the Steemit Team regarding the use of the green Steemit logo on promotional T-Shirts.

This is what the Steemit Team said...

So if the round green Steemit logo is used it should be accompanied with

This was the Blog I shared...

How to use the Steemit logo on Steem Promotional T-Shirts

Could you include....

... under the green Steemit logo or alternatively make the logo larger and have it on the back of the T-Shirt.


Okay, I'll edit it again. I usually put that source in the image. but earlier I added the source of the image to the content of the post, I will edit it immediately and I upload it again. thanks for the information,

Even as people spend more on other things, @stephenkendal keeps investing in steem through t-shirt promotion. Thanks for this sir.

Hope everything is going great in Ghana.

The T-Shirts look awesome.

Keep up the great work with the Promotional Campaign.


We're doing better with members engagement in promotional work.. I'm excited to see our participation in promo discussions on discord this and every weekend. Thanks so so much for your guidance and support @StephenKendal

@stephenkendal, I am really excited to have come across this post. I am on a mission to promote Steem through printing shirts for campaign in other to register new users, in my recent post I just published today, I stated my plans to achieve that.

This is the link of the recent post I made in the plane to promote Steemit in school, Rivers State University Port Harcourt.

Please I need your support to achieve my plans on that.
Thanks in anticipation

Sounds like an awesome project and I may possibly like to Sponsor it.

I have read your Blog and see that you are very active around the University.

Well done on what you have achieved.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do around the University that would tie to your proposed Promotional Campaign for promoting #Steem.

If I gave you 100 #Steem to Sponsor your Promotional Campaign how would you spend it and how would you allocate the funds?

Could you please also include a draft #Steem Promotional T-Shirt Design for your Campaign.


Thank you Sir, I will get back to you with all you have asked me to do. Thank you once again for your support.

You are very welcome.

I see you are in Nigeria so the Nigeria / UK time should be +/- 1.0 hr.

Take your time with your proposal and I will give you an answer as soon as I can.


Thank you


As always best initiative for #PromoSteem I love to design poster for promo steem on my community. I have another #contest concept for #Promo-steem this Friday InshaAllah 💕

Keep up the great work and thanks again for everything you are doing in supporting the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit.

You are doing an awesome job.


Sir your appreciation means a lot to me, you deserve the thanks and gratitude from my/our core of heart for your regular support! We love you sir Stephen 💕❤️💖

Mr. @stephenkendal is a great person and I am excited about his way of helping people in our great community. What else can I tell you what a great start.

retweet, comment and like your post on twitter:

Me parece un excelente apoyo, yo he creado un proyecto para promocionar Steem, pero necesito usuarios que deseen sumarse a la iniciativa, por ello lo estoy empezando a publicar poco a poco y así se vayan sumando!! Saludos!!

amazing sir, sponsoring by making t-shirts for promotion #steem thank you sir
I have shared your post.

Great decision! Your sponsor can make this platform more popular with promotional t-shirt. Thanks for your sponsorship.

This is very kind of you sir @stephenkendal to extend a helping hand to us and to help promote steemit and steem. I am really grateful and appreciative of all your supports.
Here is my application link

Thank you for your application for the 100 #Steem Sponsorship for your Promotional T-Shirts.

This is something I may be able to help you with.

I see you have put forward a proposed design.


Is there any chance you could look at redesigning your design to make it more specific to your Campaign / Location.

If you are using the green #Steemit logo in your design can you please ensure to include the following underneath the logo.


we should invest in steem by many ways, it's good for the future and i believe that also.

Great opportunity for any kind of campaign with #prosmo-steem.

this is a very good idea, and this project is perfect, and with steem promo via t-shirt, and hope this project goes well

Sir, I want to buy 20 pieces of steem promotional t-shirt if you sponsor me.I just need a design to print on t-shirt. I will arrange a promotional campaign with your sponsorship and distribute t-shirt among 20 person and encourage them to use #steem, #steemit. I also tell them about the great promoter and sponsor @stephenkendal. I will make a blog about this to PromoSteem community .

Really it’s a good step, I highly appreciate it.
Retweet’s and resteem done.

Shared on twitter.

Please help to support the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to twitter.



It would be very great. This is really a effective way to promote #steem by promotional t-shirt. Thanks for your support sir.

I draw so much inspiration from you @stephenkendal, thanks for your effort. Steemit will be great with selfless people like you

A very big idea. Congratulations to you sir. Thankyou for your sponsorship.

You are really doing excellent job. Your support and sponser will make steemit great.Thank you so much sir.

Even as people spend more on other things, @stephenkendal keeps investing in steem through t-shirt promotion. Thanks for this sir.

Greetings sir, I want to promote steem in my community through conferences and distribution of flyers in different parts of the city to promote steem, with 100 steem I will be able to make 10 t-shirts approximately

Kindly check out my post requesting for help with promotional Steem T-shirts.

Greetings kind regards @stephenkendal , here is my proposal for the realization of the shirts of the Venezuelan community, I await your response, thank you very much

Thank you very much for your help .. I have a steemit T-shirt at my house and I use it when doing steemit promotions. Besides promoting Steemit, I also taught them how to post an achievement of 1 to 6 and it was very time consuming because I worked alone.

I haven't held a meet up with the Steemit members in my village or those I have invited to Steemit due to limited time and funds. I really want to hold a meet up for new users who I invite to teach them to make a post achievement and I will try to hold it.

There are at least 20 people who just joined Steemit but don't have T-shirts. But I plan to take 5 of them who really understand Steemit to become permanent members of Steem promo and as new member training teachers.

And the program that I have been thinking of is doing promotions with chat and social media then direct promotion by word of mouth to invite to join steemit. and hold a meet up once a month or every two months depending on whether or not many new members have joined. but of course this program really needs regular sponsors.

Greetings @stephenkendal!
I appreciate your support in promoting steem.
Yesterday I heild my first campus meet up in my school delta state polytechnic ogwashi-uku Nigeria.

The turnup was bliss.
I will be glad if I can get a surport from you to print a T-shirt for 15 members in my next meetup.
To make it more unique.

@michaelchijioke have help with the T-shirt design.

Photographers of my meetup



Looking forward for your reply.

Thank you.

From @pricelesspresh

Thank you sir @stephenkendal for such help in promoting steemit at every location of the world. I am really grateful and appreciative of all your supports.
Here's My Entry Link

These are the customized T-shirts below 👇
Thank you again Sir ❤️

The information from this post really helps us in our efforts to promote Steem in our country, especially in the area where we live, namely Aceh.

I will design a T-shirt about steem promotion, and I will submit a proposal to you sir.
Best regards. 🙏

Hi sir @stephenkendal. This is my post entry as a support application for Steem Promotional T-Shirt printing. Hope you are happy to help us.

Great idea @stephenkendal, to sponsor Promo Steem and SK shirts. It would also be possible that instead of shirts they are masks with the logos of Steem and SK, this because at present the masks became part of our clothing because of the Covid-19. And with these logos they would stand out a lot and attract a lot of attention.