Home for the next few days. Promoting Steem on tour. 😎☀️

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Camping with family over the next few days and promoting #Steem on tour


Home for the next few days. 😎☀️

Touring the Welsh Coast over the next few days and camping with the family.

It has s been great to promote #Steem on tour with the new #RESTEEM number plate.

Just some of the photographs over the last couple of days.

Enjoy. 🙂




























Love you all.

Stephen x


Your family camps are always a wonderful sight to witness. Lovely family photos, and sumptuous-looking meals. We are honored to have you share your get-together with us. Even more amazing is the fact that you're still promoting Steem through the #resteem agenda during such fun periods. We simply can't wait to see the next cohort of pictures. Enjoy your camp, and good luck with the promo activity.

You really find a great way to promote #steem. You just enjoying your time on tour but your baby is promoting #steem automatically. You, your sister and nephews are looking very beautiful. Thank for sharing.

Hard work, perfect planing and money are the most important thing to be success. Promoters are doing hard work and you are support with your perfect plan and sponsorship. I think this is enough for success of the #promo-steem project. We can do it together. ❤️

This kind of tour with family also an important part of our life. We should give much time with our family because it gives us a great pleasure of mind. Hope you had enjoyed this tour and camping very much. You have a good skill on photography also. Stay happy. Best wishes for you and your family. Thank you.

It was very sunny day and i think one of your nephew is trying to show his shadow on a photo. I also notice a cute black pet on a photo. The food was really very nice. Very beautiful family you really have. Enjoy your time and please let us enjoy the camping by this kind of photos. You are always with #promo-steem even you are on a tour. Thank you so much.

Amd we love you too. Thanks for the support amd inspiration. Maybe we can do same someday by travelling to places for a vacation in promoting steemit. Pretty photos and lovely families.

Cute family with gorgeous people 💖💕❤️ #promo-steem on tour it means this project is always your top priority! Enjoy and stay blessed sir @stephenkendal

All gorgeous people look like very beautiful.Not only you but also your baby is promoting #steem nicely.you are looking so handsome.all photographs are mind blowing.foods are seems very nice.Have a great day.Enjoy your #promo-steem tour with your beautiful family.

What a gorgeous day with beautiful family and your cute baby who is promoting Steem. So you are not here without promoting because your baby is doing on behalf of you, that’s great, I always enjoy your idea.

Lovely photographs with some yummy foods! Nice to see you enjoying with your family, have a great day!

Great to see you respecting the classic British diet 👍

Wow, what a happy family sir. Nice to see your family sir. Your such a good family oriented father and husband.💙💙

You are really looking handsome any very young with your nephews. It’s really great that you have remember the #promo-steem in your happy moment like this. Your smile is just awesome. Always keep smiling. 😎

Greetings @stephenkendal, I hope you spend some excellent days camping with your family and enjoy a lot of those landscapes that you show us in your pictures.

Que hermosas fotografías Sr Kendal, me encantan los lugares que visita. Felicidades por es fabulosa matrícula 🥰☺️

Bon appetit! Nice natural environment that surrounds you. Greetings.

Very well posted. I'm sharing your post on Twitter.