How cool would it be if eBay supported Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as a Method of Payment.!!

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem to #eBay


Promoting #Steem to #eBay

For those that are on twitter, I thought I would share with you the latest tweet I have just posted.

The tweet reads...


How cool would it be if #eBay supported #Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as a method of Payment.

Question to #AskeBay.

"Would #eBay accept #BTC as a Payment Method if the demand was there?"

On Twitter

If you are on twitter please feel free to like and retweet the above tweet.

Thanks again for reading.



I wish eBay to support Bitcoin and other Crypto currency. Thanks very much for this promotion.

Greetings friend.

In your experience, is Quora a good platform to promote Steemit? I activated a contest about it.

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