I am pleased to announce the latest One Hundred Steem Sponsorship awarded to @vipnata for the Advertising about Steemit Contest.

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote the Promotion of #Steem and #Steemit around the World

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#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship to @vipnata

It gives me absolute great pleasure to announce the latest #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship awarded to @vipnata for the Advertising about #Steemit #Contest.

#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship

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About the #Contest

This is an awesome #Contest where Contestants share their Advertisement about #Steemit on Social Media.!!

Contestants can write about #Steemit so that more people from other Social Networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Reddit can read about joining #Steemit.

Please see the following Blog by @vipnata on how to enter the #Contest.

For full details, click the link below....

Credit: : @vipnata

#OneHundredSteem - Sponsorship Transfer

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Forgive the spelling mistake, it's been a long day :).

Good luck everyone

Good luck to everyone taking part in the #Contest and a Massive Thanks to @vipnata for organising and setting everything up.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - We need more Promoters.!!

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Dear @stephenkendal, Your heart belongs to Steemit and all of us, the participants. I admire your generosity.
I just don't have the words to express my gratitude. We were talking about 50 Steem, and you sent 100 Steem.
I would like the participants to take part more actively in my contest.
It is our responsibility to promote Steemit to all social networks.
We have something to offer the world: a promising project that brings not only pleasure but also reward.
We were the first in 2016, and we must remain so, the first and unique.
Each participant in the course of our contest will definitely receive a reward, a subscription of participants to Steemit and in all their social networks.
We will see the best post on 100 pages or more on Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you so much for your wonderful post about my contest.

You are very welcome.

After exchanging messages earlier I decided to have a good look at the #Contest and see just how valuable it would be for #Steem.

With an increased Prize Pot I thought it would make it more worthwhile for those entering the #Contest to come up with something extra special.

Hopefully this additional 50 #Steem would make a big difference, possibly increasing the 1st Place Prize more.!!

I will leave this up to you to decide.

Good luck once again with the #Contest.


Dear @stephenkendal, By the end of the contest, we will discuss how to reward the winners and all our participants.
Thank you so much for your beautiful words.

@stephenkendal excellent contribution you made to @vipnata to carry out the contest "ADVERTISING POST ABOUT STEEMIT", because with the methods that contestants must develop to participate, it is the best way to promote Steemit in all social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc). As they say in my town "you hit the nail right on the head".


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The contest post on Twitter by @1montagne1 was tweeted, liked and followed to stay updated on future posts.

Welcome in contest, @fuentesjo3006!

Really a great contest, I want to join there. It has opportunities to join many new users , thanks to @vipnata to arrange this contest. Retweet’s and
Resteem done.

With the hope of this contest, people can get to know Steemit, and it is very easy to develop, especially steem promos via Facebook, Twitter and others, and hopefully this report runs smoothly, good information sir @sthepenkendal

This is a really necessary competition, thanks to which many will learn about the stemite. Thanks for the promotion. I will also participate and how I can help.

a very extraordinary contest, especially when we promote steemit on Facebook. I'm sure 90% of Facebook users don't know steemit, I also tried to invite my friends to join this platform.

Great competition. I think a lot of Facebook friends don't know about this platform. But I think we should let our friends know about this platform.

I am glad to hear that Mr @stephenkendal
I have made a Steemit Promotion Through Instagram Ads. Here it is

I think this is a nice contest and i will be very glad to participate in, not just for the reward but for the purpose of promoting steemit and exploring the name of steemit to the world. Thank you very much @vipnata for organizing such a nice contest to promote steemit. And Thank you to @stephenkedal for letting this information reach us.

Thank you very much @vipnata for organizing such a nice contest to promote steemit. And Thank you to @stephenkedal for letting this information reach us. Most Facebook,Twitter and other social media friends do not know about it and we will do all our best to get this info to their doorstep cuz this contest is worth putting up all our best into it

Mr. @stephenkandal we will always support, and to the best of our power

i need sirr 😊

Interesting to follow....

Maybe I'll follow suit too

Lest go to the moom, keep solid and hold 👍👍

The contest is very nice but I don't understand it.

This is a great contest guys hope i can join this contest @stepenkendal

This is a really necessary competition, for which many will learn about Steamite. Thank you for the promotion.

Dear @stephenkendal, you are my king and chief promoter of the steem. You are always the backbone of all the creative ways of the steem, steemit and steemitblog. Thanks so much boss!


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