I gives me great pleasure to announce the first Steem T-Shirt Sponsorship supporting @mcsamm to help in their Promotional Campaign.

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote the Promotion of #Steem around the World

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#OneHundredSteem - #Steem T-Shirt Sponsorship

I gives me great pleasure to announce the first #Steem T-Shirt Sponsorship supporting @mcsamm to help in their Promotional Campaign.

#OneHundredSteem - Funds Transfer

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#Steem T-Shirt Sponsorship

Looking forward to sharing with you more details on how to apply for the 100 #Steem T-Shirt Sponsorship.

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#Promo-Steem - We need more Promoters.!!

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It's more than joy to receive such a support in promoting steemit. This has a significant effect on my promo activities as a local steem promoter in Ghana. These T-shirts will be produced to support of steem promo in educational and public institutions. A new T-shirt designed is underway to that effect. We really can't express our gratitude for your support in doing this. Steem promo has been greatly influenced by your support and direction. In doing this, we would want to give a special recognition for your hard work @stephenkendal. With you, steem promo will be able to take us to the of reach every corner that we want to take steem. Once again thanks many times sir, @mcsamm.

@mcsamm you are doing well. Please keep it up. You really deserve it.

@stephenkendal you are extremely a great hearted parson. What you are doing its actually great work. I always support your work.Thank you.

Thank you. We win together.

There are some people who are happy to give. You are a living example of that. There is a dearth of such people in the world. You are really a great person. @stephenkendal

Sir, i have noticed your #steemit SP ranking was #100 last month And now it is #79. I hope you will arrive the #50 position this current month. We will be glad to see you on number #1 position very soon. Thank you very much for your sponsorship.
@stephenkendal ❤️

Resteem and Retweet’s done!

Like and retweet are done...


extraordinary, a very good post and very useful for steemit users, and I am very sure that the steem promos that you are doing will be more advanced, good luck always @stephenkendal

Your help is really needed in successful promotions, always sir @sthepenkendal

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An interesting idea. I think any person can afford T-shirts and baseball caps, regardless of status.