If STEEM was able to recover the Purchasing Power to BITCOIN last seen on 17th July 2016 it would today be trading at $349.85 / STEEM.

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Purchasing Power of #Steem against #Bitcoin

Like everyone else who has been invested in #Steem over the past few years it has been absolutely devastating to watch my #Bitcoin holdings in #Steem continue to evaporate right in front of my eyes despite doing what I thought was the right thing in promoting #Steem.

Challenging few years

As we have all seen these last few years have been extremely challenging for most of us in more ways than one and hopefully all the hard work that has been put into #Steem will see a reversal in the decline in the Purchasing Power of #Steem in relation to #Bitcoin in the coming few months.

Screenshot of the early 174 days of #Steem

Below is a screenshot of the early 174 days of the trading of #Steem taken from 18/04/2016 to 08/10/2016.

#Steem value measured in #Bitcoin

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Date - 19/07/2016

As you will see from the above on 19/07/2016 #Steem traded at $4.28 on the same day that #Bitcoin traded at $672.86.

This equates to 0.00636091 BTC.

$349.85 / #STEEM

Assuming a Current Price of #Bitcoin today at $55,000 this would equate to a #Steem Price of $349.85 / #STEEM.

Adjusted for Inflation

Obviously the above does not account for any adjustment for the inflation to both #Bitcoin and #Steem but I wanted to share with the huge diversion from #Bitcoin that #Steem has made which will hopefully reverse to the upside in the near future.

Thanks again for reading.



You are great at promoting Steemit on social media, I see your posts on Twitter. I really hope that our Steem will start to grow, it has all the indicators for growth. We must be patient. Thank you for a great job, @stephenkendal.

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

This may be a better screenshot if the above one is hard to read.


I agree with you sir @stephenkendal will everything be reversed this year

If the Central bankers keep inflating the money supply it could happen.

Right now it may look like a pipe dream, but it could break to the upside really quick. Best to prepare for it now.

It's the truth. I think that will happen, like facebook

You are working hard for promoting #Steem. I also hope #steem will reverse to the upside very soon. Please carry on this great work.

It would be really incredible for Steem.

yes, hope this can happen, thank you @stephenkendal, for sharing very useful information, I hope you are always healthy

You are trying to promote #steem from many days. I think your industry will return you better.

very helpful blog for we newbies

I appreciate your hard work on steem sir, keep it up ❤️❤️❤️

The way you promoting steem on social media I'm really very thankful to you and hopeful too 🙂

I think Steem will go back to its previous state and its value will increase. We are together. We have to have a lot of patience and work hard to get good results. And let your @stephenkendal information come in handy.