Introducing #SteemWheels - A New Contest coming soon to Steem.!!

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#Promo-Steem - Introducing #SteemWheels - A New #Contest coming soon to #Steem.!!

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A New #Contest coming soon to #Steem.!!

I am looking forward to announcing a new pilot #Contest coming soon to #Steem and #Steemit.

If successful, the #Contest will be rolled out and developed further with feedback from the #Steemit Community running on a regular basis.

Open-Sourced #Contest

The idea of the pilot #Contest is to see if we can build a #Contest using suggestions from the #Steemit Community to pick and choose the direction and route the #Contest should take.!!

Exclusive to #Steem and #Steemit

Exclusive solely to the #Steem Blockchain and ran on #Steemit the journey the #Contest takes will evolve as the #Steemit Community decides.

Looking forward to sharing with you details of the pilot #Contest soon.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Introducing #SteemWheels - A New #Contest coming soon to #Steem.!!

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The Steem community has been red hot for contests lately, and the level of engagements has been impressive. In the event where a final verdict is made on the nature of this pilot contest, I think it will be one of the most engaging contests on the platform because it will determined by the community and made for the community- sounds more like democracy. #steemwheels is a really cool name as well.


I think it will be one of the most engaging contests on the platform because it will determined by the community and made for the community

Nailed it.!!

The idea is that no one owns #SteemWheels and the direction the #Contest takes will be entirely up to the #Steemit Community to decide.


This also epitomizes the decentralized nature of the platform. Great idea!

Hello @stephenkendal, I imagine that it is a car contest, it would be an innovation for the contests in steemit, since these types of contests do not exist so far. Excellent idea.



Wow it’s another wonderful idea #SteemWheels new contest! Of course it will be successful! Your efforts will not fail, we all with you. Many new members have joined in this platform because of your efforts, the way you are inviting people really it’s claimant of praise.

Looking forward to see the pilot #Contest ! All the best.


I can't wait to see this new contest. We're hoping it's soon. Thanks sir.

Hello sir i made this contest again for promote steemit. I need your Sponsorship sir for this contest.

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Hope you like this contest and support this contest.

Best Regards

Sounds a new concept or contest coming soon belongs to your baby (car) 🚗🚗🚗 I wish your contest will help more #promo-steem project. Thank you sir SK ❤️💕💖

I am always interested to join new contest. Its a good idea to promote steem. However, I am eagerly awaiting for the new contest.

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Sir,it's a great new idea.Sir, all the new ideas you have brought have been successful. This time the new contest #steemwheels will definitely be successful.The new initiatives you are taking to promote steem are really commendable. We are also following you. But cryptocurrency is not legal in our country. It is forbidden to keep and transact.Those of us who are working with Steem are also at great risk. Knowing that we may face a difficult system of law at any time, we are working with Steem being afraid.I hope we can take Steemit to the top one day. We are with you.Looking forward to seeing your new contest .

Greetings, we are looking forward to this new contest. And the best of all is that the community is the one that takes the reins. we hope you keep us informed.

I've seen a lot of contests lately. I'm sure this will be one of the best. Let's see what he has in store for us. Congratulations, friend.

I am really exciting for the new theme of steemwheels contest. Waiting something new and thanks for the information. #steem on

Your car is very nice. It’s my dream to drive a car like this. It also make me smile automatically to see your smiling face. May God keep you happy forever.

I want to see some new ideas and contest in #steemit, its seems a good idea of new contest. I hope everyone can be eligible to take part into it.

Good idea we are waiting for this contest

I think it's a good idea about the contest. I'll be waiting, I'll be on the lookout. Thank you for reporting

Thank you for information...i wait for it...

Sir I will definitely participate in your contest.And thank you so much for leaving such a big contest.

Wow @stephenkendal, what a great idea and initiative. Promoting steem just gets easier everyday. Now we can promote steemit by driving, great 😎

Your idea on promoting #steem was very unique. Your sponsorship and this kind of idea is really very important for promo-steem.Thanks for your every efforts on promoting #steem. Love you sir.

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I always share my post on twitter. But is there are any hashtag, using those the post may reach maximum people.???

@stephenkendal The new feature that I added on scribe might help you keep track of the contest entires. Have a look at the post that I made to learn more about this tool.

That's a great initiative. I'm ever ready to partake in your upcoming contest. Contests on steem blockchain makes the platform so lively and interesting. It also creates an opportunity to learn new things from others