Open Offer to the Steem Community in the Philippines including: @belsoronz, @aivanav and @jassennessaj for a 100 Steem Sponsorship.

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem around the World - #SteemParty

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#OneHundred Sponsorship Proposal - #SteemParty

This is an Open Offer to the #Steem Community in the Philippines including: @belsoronz, @aivanav and @jassennessaj for a 100 #Steem Sponsorship to help support and develop their Feeding Program for the Kids in the Philippines.

These guys are doing an awesome job rolling out a Campaign to help feed children in the Philippines.

After reading what these guys are doing earlier it got me thinking.

Why not make it something fun for the Kids and help these guys roll out a number of parties for the children, as well as feeding them.

Earlier on, I asked @aivanav what would they do if I gave them 100 #Steem.

This was his reply:

Hello sir @stephenkendal. Oh my God. That will help us a lot sir.

Your 100 donation sir can help accommodate 130-140 children with these meals:

Vegetable Lumpia (2 big pcs each)
Coconut or Calamansi juice.
We are also planning to conduct these feedkng program in three locations

Purok Kawayanan
Purok Caimitohan
Purok Tambis
We choose 3 differenr locations sir to make sure every child will bw given in our community.

The earnings of our posts sir will also be saved because we are planning to give them slipperd for their next project.

Again sir. Thank you so much sir @stephenkendal you made me so happy.

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#SteemParty - #OneHundred Sponsorship Proposal

My Open Offer to @belsoronz, @aivanav and @jassennessaj is therefore to feed as many kids as we can and promote the Campaign as a #SteemParty.

By making the Campaign as fun as we can with a bright and colourful party atmosphere will hopefully take the children's mind off the pain and suffering they must all be going through right now.

If this is something that @belsoronz, @aivanav and @jassennessaj are happy to go with I will transfer the 100 #Steem over for them to get thing going.

Looking forward to the Offer being accepted and helping these guys promote their first #SteemParty for the Kids when they are ready to go.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem around the World

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This is big Mr. Stephen. This will surely benefit a lot of children here. We have 3 sitios (communities) in our area and we can be able reach out to these children because of your support.

We will happily receive the donation. Since @aivanav is the one who cooks, you can send it to him. That guy is awesome!

The shirts were also ready Mr. Stephen. I was just been busy lately because of work, vacation, and other opportunities that arose.


If this is an idea that you guys are happy to develop I would also be happy to give you a little more for some T-Shirts to be printed with the #SteemParty logo.

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

This is just a draft concept of what the T-Shirts could look like.


That is good to know sir @stephenkendal! That is a huge help for us because we do charity and conduct programs for the people, our long-term goal is to onboard the people interested in joining Steem/Steemit.

Since this is the first time I've known #SteemParty, I would like to ask a few questions about the project sir.

  • What is Steem Party?
  • What is/are the goal/s of the Steem Party?
  • Are there any rules, exceptions, or important things we need to know about Steem Party?

Again sir @stephenkendal, we will happily receive the support and use it for our future campaigns.

You are very welcome.

After reading your Blogs earlier today what you guys are doing I thought it would be a great idea to make it a little fun for the Kids.

Hence the idea of #SteemParty.

What is Steem Party?

It is an idea I would like to see developing in other Countries.

What is/are the goal/s of the Steem Party?

A Global rollout of helping to feed children by giving them free food in a party atmosphere.

Are there any rules, exceptions, or important things we need to know about Steem Party?

No. There are no rules or exceptions. It is entirely up to you guys what you do.

If it's successful then it will be something we could copy in other Countries.


That's really a great fit for what we are doing sir @stephenkendal. We are also receiving feedback and donations from the people here in our area too. This is what I think how will the shirts be used.

  • Provide Steemit shirts to the kids (this might be costly but we can opt this out off)
  • Give Steemit shirts to the volunteers of the feeding program and at the same time introduce Steemit/Steem to them.
  • Reach out to government officials in our Barangay as we hope for partnerships and give these shirts as an incentive.


The 100 #Steem I sent over to Sponsor your Campaign is to cover the cost of food for the Children.

I was going to suggest I send some money over to cover the cost of printing a few T-Shirts with the #SteemParty logo.

The T-Shirts could be handed out to the Kids as prizes.

Can you put together some costings for the #SteemParty T-Shirts.


Sure sir. As the in-charge of costing for us three @aivanav & @belsoronz, this is the breakdown.

  • 21 white shirts with #SteemParty logo design = Approx. around 50 Steem
    7 shirts of prizes to be given away for each Sitio/area. We have targeted 3 different locations for the feeding program + SteemParty

  • Token prizes worth $2 each x 21 = $42, approx around 41 Steem at current prices.

  • Transportation and other unexpected expenses = 10 Steem

50 + 41 + 10 = 101 Steem

Ok, thanks.

If I send you 100 #Steem on top of the 100 #Steem sent over to @aivanav will you be able to organise the T-Shirts and Prizes?


Thank you for the sponsorship of the shirts @stephenkendal. The shirts are finally ready to be given. For more info, here is the post link:


Looks absolutely awesome.

Well done and thanks for everything you are doing in supporting the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit in the Philippines.


Hi @stephenkendal
I see you have some vacant witness polls left

I want to contribute even more and I now want to announce that @xpilar.witness is mine and that I am running this witness

Hope you will vote for me


All sorted and voted.

Good luck with your witness node and thanks again for everything you are doing for #Steem.


Thanks appreciate it @stephenkendal

Thank you so much for the trust and support that you gave to us Mr. @stephenkendal truly appreciated

You are very welcome.

If you three guys can let me know that this is something you three are interested in I will transfer the 100 #Steem over to one of your accounts that the three of you agree should receive it.


100 #Steem Transfer

#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship for the #SteemParty Feed the Children Campaign.

Good luck with your Project.


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i recieve your money sir @stephenkendal we will feedback on u sooner thank you so much. we will try our best to make our plan succesful again thank u for the support and trust.

These guys are already doing so well with the steem promotions

It is actually a great work from @stephenkendal. You have sponsored a lot for #promo-steem. But this sponsor for feeding kids is really great. May Allah bless you. Thank you so much.

Thanks to them who arranged this kids feeding programme. We should do this in every country. To feed someone who is foodless is the best work in the world. Thank you so much.

We are really glad to know that you sponsored 100 steem for helpless kids. This kind of sponsorship is needed beside helping #promo-steem. Thank you.

You have done the great job in this Ramadan month. Only great hearted persone can do this kind of work. The kids will able to make their EID more fun for you. Thank you sir.

very good job package, you have helped many steemit users in the philippines, always success sir @sthepenkendal

Great initiative sir @stephenkendal

Need more people with these kind thoughts for a better world🤗❤️

Really it’s a awesome job rolling out a Campaign to help feed children in the Philippines. Sure offer will be accepted , best wishes of you and who has organised this.

Shared on twitter.

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Excellent work sir, be happy with this program

We are so very blessed, Sir @stephenkendal , a very big thank you for this great opportunity Sir 😇❤️ I love to see the faces of the children smiling again. ☺️
I hope you will help more people around the world.... We are truly thankful for your kindness... Again, Thank you Sir SK 😇🙏

They are doing the great job by feeding the kids. You sponsor will help them to feed more kids. They told that they will able to feed 130-140 more kids by your sponsorship. Thank you.

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