Please help to support STEEM Promoters.

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem Promoters - We need your Help.!!

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem Promoters - We need your Help.!!

With a growing army of #Steem Promoters slowly coming together I would like to once again give everyone a massive shout-out if they are out there promoting #Steem.

These last few days have been immensely busy and as always I am extremely conscious that everyone promoting #Steem is recognised with a valuable upvote and reward.

We need your Help.!!

Though I try and give as many #Steem Promoters a valuable up-vote as I can, I am now concerned that as the army of #Steem Promoters grows this army will need continuous "feeding".

When I say "feeding" I don't mean food, I mean upvotes and I am once again reaching out to as many users as I can to help support those #Steem Promoters that are promoting #Steem and #Steemit.

Any Spare #Steem Power?

If you have any spare #Steem Power and would like to support the #Steem Promoters and those supporting the #Promo-Steem Project please hit that #Promo-Steem hashtag and give as many #Steem Promoters as much support as you can with your generous up-vote.

These guys are absolutely smashing it and bringing tremendous value to the #Steem Blockchain.

They deserve all the support they can get.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem Promoters

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Now we really need at least x10 @stephenkendal to support this growing army of #promo-steem. Your up vote and sponsor encourage them to continue their promotional activities. But it is difficult to support them all for you and who are not getting your support , they are being demotivated to promote #steem . So it is necessary to get more supporters for PromoSteem community. Thank you.

For the past few months I have tried to encourage more users to replicate what I am doing in terms of sponsorship supports, but sadly I have failed miserably to get this message across.

On top of this, support for my work has also dried up meaning that I may have to scale back my ability to fund ongoing sponsorships.

With both of these coming at the same time as an anticipated growth in #Steem Promoters I am concerned that support for those promoting #Steem may slow down.


It is very sad that we didn't get any supporter after your long try from few months. But I think every one should support this kind of work because this is useful for every steemit user. It is difficult to do any work alone.

Totally agree, Mr. @stephenkendal, you are very wise in disclosing this information. It is very feasible if this is done by all active users, most likely it will support Promo-Steem promoters in completing their work and projects.

So far we continue to do our best to support PromoSteem promoters in Indonesia, We also support #Promo-Steem to promote #Steem and #Steemit

Lately we also have a problem, we lack the funds to do the work as usual. This has slightly stopped our pace and movement in completing the work for #Promo-Steem. Hopefully your posts can be reached by many Active users and have the awareness to support the Projects and Programs planned by PromoSteem promoters.

You are right that the number of @steemit promoters is increasing day by day. They really need a reward for their hard work. You have done and are doing a lot for the promoters.But it will be difficult for you alone to run this huge army, so everyone has to come forward. So we need more sponsors like you to promote @Steemit. The way you support, vote, sponsor the promoters, many more people have to come forward. Then Steemit will be easy to spread all over the world. Thanks for staying by my side sir,@stephenkandal.

There is an adage that says "feed what feeds you". Promoters indirectly feed us by bringing in investors and wonderful content creators who help propel Steem forward in a much more hastened manner. Currently, Steem's price is skyrocketing and promoters are indirectly influencing it in an appreciable way. Hence, if we can contribute to their growth through Upvotes, Resteems, etc then so be it. Also, delegating to the Promoters community can also be one of the best case scenarios. I have plans to delegate to this community and few others when I obtain significant SP. Hopefully, by December it will be a reality.

It really hard promoting steemit in the effort we put up sometimes. You are just right about that. I promoters get the needed support here o steemit, we will certainly help make steem better with the introduction of many great people. But till then, we want to always appreciate your support sir , SK.

Promo steem is one of the most beautiful thing in steem ecosystem!! Without promo steem i dont think i will be on steemit platform today..i have already joined the amazing promo steem community i'm also walking underground to make sure i recruit more people in..

This blog should be shared on some big community. There are many people want to support this kind of work but it need to reach them this news by sharing your blog in trending communities. I hope they will start to support promoters with you. Promo Steem should be the goal of every steemit users. Thank you.

This is absolutely true. Steem promoters are growing and increasing in number each and everyday. This is a positive results to promo steem. As we all know, motivation and encouragement plays a major role when you entrust someone with something. So I believe you are doing the right thing by giving them the upvotes you can.

Steemit is ours and we are all obliged to try our very possible best to encourage and motivate the promoters by offering them with upvotes in order to encourage them to keep up the good works they are doing

You are right sir @Stephenkendal the number of #Steem promoters is increasing day by day. Sir @Stephenkendal you are doing all the hard work with your sponsor which is really very hard to do alone. The new promoters are the ones who are really working hard and deserve to be applauded. And if they get someone like you, they will be much more inspired.Those who love #Steemit should join you to support the preachers. We need more sponsors like you to build a huge group. If many more people come forward with you, I hope Sir @Stephenkendal your hard work will pay off. I hope after reading this blog, sir, you will find many people with you to promote that estimate. Sir @Stephenkendal you go ahead we are with you. sir @Stephenkendal Your hard work will not go in vain. Very soon every #steemit user will notice in the promo #steem.

Good afternoon @stephenkendal, I know it is hard work that you do to promote steem. The only way I have to support your promoters, is through some image or link that I can place in my publications as a reference to promo steem. Since I don't have much steem power to support them with votes.


Yes sir, I am totally agree with you. Promoters need more support to continue their promotional activities . Your are always trying your best to help them by your up votes and sponsor but it is not possible to support this huge number of promoters alone. So we need some more supporter and sponsor with you for this great job of promoting #steem. Thank you so much you your kind support. ❤️

but it is not possible to support this huge number of promoters alone.

This is going to be the problem.

With my limited resources I can only do so much.

I am happy to continue supporting as many as I can but sadly I fear it's not sustainable to match the anticipated growth in #Steem Promoters.


After creating PromoSteem community, We got a lot of new promoters who are promoting #steem with hard efforts and they deserve support for their activates. It is getting hard to support them all for you. Who have read this blog and have enough steem power and love for #steem should join you to support promoters. Love you sir @stephenkendal.

Hello sir stephen, good day. Today is my day off, I would have enough time to purchase the #promosteem t-shirt. I am trying to finish this as soon as possible so that we use it already for our steem promotion and act of kindness program in our community. Thank you sir for this great opportunity, greatly appreciated it🙏

Regards @natz04 and family💙

We're ready to support #Promo-Steem Promoters

Regard The Youth Steem Community, We're #Promo-Steem to Indonesian Youth

I think you should spread this information over whole steemit to get some supporters as your mate. Because your blog only reading your regular audience but it need to show them all to get more supporters. Promoters are really doing very hard work to promote #steem and they need more support. Thanks for always helping them.

Thank you so much for this call for support, we are pleased to be able to do this and add value to the blockchain and thanks for your immense support always

Thank You Stephen for everything You do for the Steem Community !!

        Cheers !!

When I say "feeding" I don't mean food, I mean upvotes and I am once again reaching out to as many users as I can to help support those #Steem Promoters that are promoting #Steem and #Steemit.

Indeed you are doing great job to promote steem and steemit community appreciate your efforts to us. Stay blessed and happy.

That is the idea, "mutual" support, for continuous and stable growth. We are all committed. Greetings.

You have raised us the volume of Promo-steem activities by your sponsorship. The affinity of promoting #steem is increasing. Love you sir. Thank you.

We are going to get some awesome ideas to promote #steem by this post from you. Many people will think about #promo-steem for your kind sponsorship. Sir, you are really a great sponsor. Thank you.

A lot of thanks for promoting steem worldwide. You are doing great job here.

Thanks for your support always sir.
love it sir💞💞💞

Excellent work that you continue to do @stephenkendal, every day grows more and more projects that you are sponsoring to promote Steem.


I am very happy with this achievement, thank you to all the promoters who have helped this community.

Thank you also to Sir Stephen who is our proud sponsor💖💖💖

The way you work with Promo Steam and support everyone is a really good idea. I appriciete you. Thank you so much sir for supporting everyone so much.

Thank you so much sir @stephenkendal your sayings are true I really appreciate your effort in supporting steem promoters.

Let us all put hands on deck to support this noble agenda. Team work is very necessary at this point, all of us giving something small can generate something bigger. Steem is for all of us, let's make it happen. Thank you @stephenkendal.