Staking of Steem for Content Marketing

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting the Staking of #Steem for Social Media Content Marketing

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Staking of #Steem for Social Media Content Marketing

Over the past few years, I have openly talked about a phenomena that is set to radically change the course of Social Media and that is grassroots Social Media Content Marketing.

What is Social Media Content Marketing?

For those unfamiliar with Social Media Content Marketing it is simply a Strategic Marketing approach focused primarily on creating and distributing: Valuable, Relevant and Consistent Marketing Content on Social Media to attract and retain a clearly defined audience with the ultimate goal of driving customer attention.

#Steem as a Global Rewards and Distribution System

Since first talking about this phenomena back in 2017 I have reached out to hundreds of Marketing Professionals around the World explaining the concept of #Steem as a Global Rewards and Distribution System that is perfect for Marketing Professionals to stake #Steem and set tasks around the World for Users to create Marketing Content.

Most if not all fail to believe that this is remotely possible, as the concept itself is so basic that surely it could not be done.

Proving the Idea

Over the past few months I have embarked on proving the Idea by Marketing and Promoting the SK logo to see if it was possible to promote a Brand by simply staking #Steem and rewarding those to promote it.

Early indications suggest that it can be done.

Large proportion of the supply of #Steem be staked for Content Marketing

Should I be right and the concept of this form of Social Media Marketing is adopted I expect to see a large proportion of the supply of #Steem be staked for Content Marketing in the future.

A phenomena of this nature would have a jaw dropping impact on the price of #Steem as Businesses, Companies, Marketing Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Investors scramble for what is essentially a limited simply of #Steem.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Promoting the Staking of #Steem for Content Marketing

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Inarguably, the SK brand has gained attention in several countries by the courtesy of the staked steem contribution towards promoters who readily embraced the concept. This has proven solidly that Steem and Steemit have the potential to bolster effective content marketing as a decentralized social media platform. With a huge population of over a million users, which still keeps growing, content marketers can reach a large and diverse audience who would readily patronize their products. If the Steem platform acquires content markets, it would have an immensely positive result on the growth and evolution of Steem.

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Inarguably, the SK brand has gained attention in several countries by the courtesy of the staked steem contribution towards promoters who readily embraced the concept.

Thank you, I appreciate that.

This has been achieved with a mere ~125,000 #Steem staked to support the Campaign.

Imagine what a small number of Businesses, Companies, Marketing Professionals, Entrepreneurs or Investors would achieve with an aggregate ~125,000,000 #Steem staked to support their Content Marketing Campaigns.

Let's say x100 Stakeholders each having ~1,250,000 in #Steem each to promote their Brand.

The results would be simply jaw dropping.!!


I think this will soon become a reality as most active users have fully embraced Powering Up activities. Steem is about five years old and has a lot of potentials waiting to be realized. Huge investments from financially able users and regular support from high SPed users towards promoters could help hasten the development of the platform. Overall, Steem has a bright future and has considerably been performing well on the market despite the dips.

sidenote: I made a banner for the community with your logo

Dear mentor! @stephenkendal your unique Ideas of Marketing and Promoting the SK logo made me know about #Promo-steem and i strongly believe many people know #promo-steem through your unique way of promoting: this is a huge possibilities that any brand can also be promoted through steem: let me also talk about your unique reward system for those who actively promote steem: i don't think any one on steemit platform has ever done what you're doing! You always make sure you reward people with positive ideas.

Lastly you're also right about social media concept for Marketing if properly adopted with reward system as a motivator it will go a long way of creating awareness about steem and making a strong impact.

Its beyond doubt that the future is lots more brighter: i expect to see each continent, each countries on it adopt new way of buying and selling using steem.

You were worried about the support of this huge number of promoters. Promoters of #steem are now working in many countries very hard to promote #steem and they really deserve a good support for their hard work. But it is difficult to support them all by only one @stephenkendal. You thought a lot to solve this problem and this concept is very effective to solve that problem. Promoters will get support and promote #steem perfectly. I am really very glad and hopeful for this concept of content marketing with #steem. Thank you.

This concept will add an extra gear on promoting #steem. It was really an excellent idea from you. Promoters will get enough support for this concept. You are hardly working from many years and not it’s time to make your #promo-steem project success. There was a lack of supports for promoters and we needed x100 @stephenkendal to support them. We are going to get that by this concept very soon. Thank you very much.✌️

We are greatly involved in this project in promoting steemit. You have our full support in all actions in the campaign of steem and steemit with many other social media.

Keep up the great work.

You guys are absolutely smashing the promoting of #Steem and #Steemit in Ghana and it is a pleasure to help support you all as much as I can.


SK logo has become a brand on #steemit. Now many people know the SK logo means a giant steem promoter. Your marketing process is very interesting. I hope many of you have seen this marketing process Many like me would be interested. I wish you all the best. Go ahead with new ideas.

Steemit is a platform where almost everything is possible what we can do remotely. Content marketing is not difficult by this platform and you have already show us how we can promote something worldwide. You have promote SK logo and #steem together. This is the great way to promote #steem. Thank you so much. Love you.❤️

Should I be right and the concept of this form of Social Media Marketing is adopted I expect to see a large proportion of the supply of #Steem be staked for Content Marketing in the future.

I think you and your concept is 100% right. A huge amount of #steem will be staked for Content Marketing one day in near future. This concept from you will help to promote #steem very fast over the world and it is the solution of the problem of supporting promoters. Thanks a lot for this great concept. ❣️

Since you are success to promote your brand SK Steem Promotions and SK logo with #steem by your sponsorship, so it it possible to promote content, products or brand with #steem easily. If anyone wants to promote something he should sponsor promoter and add his brand logo with #steem like you. Thank you sir.

Steem challenge community working to promote it..steem on....superb..@stephenkendal


To achieve positive results on #steemit growth and evolution, the #steemit platform needs to be achieved in the content market. Effective content marketing needs to be further strengthened as #steem and #steemit social media. #steemit advertisers are now working hard to promote #steemit in different countries around the world. Preachers will perfect #respect if thousands of staphenkandels like you are made by their side. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. Hopefully you will see the success of the way you are working hard for #steem promotion very soon. There is enough support on you to promote #steem and #steemit through all social media. Many will be interested in seeing your marketing process. You will be more motivated by the way you are promoting the sk logo and tissue.sir @stephenkandle You go ahead and ensure your success.

Hello Sir Steemit Network community of 600 subscribers has completed Welcome to this celebration and request to join. By doing this I will be able to promote steemit.

It would be possible to make publications of the movements that have the Steem and SBD on a daily basis and to be shared by the social networks of all the links that PromoSteem has around the world. I know that the main idea is the promotion of Steem, but I think that incorporating the SBD that currently has much more monetary value, can draw much more attention of investors and new users to our platform.

Greetings @stephenkendal.

Social media marketing is really very effective to promote #steemit contents. Massive thanks for offering #steem for content promotion. Good luck to all promoters including me.

This SK logo (@stephenkandal) is already tested and proven in promoting steemit for over 5 years, it is already a record until now. So, for sure you did the good and right concept sir. You did it for sure👍

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Amigo el tema de las redes sociales realmente es un boom para ayudar a crecer cada día más, nuevamente felicitaciones por su trabajo día tras día. Saludos desde #Venezuela