This is an Open Invitation to the TRON Community to come and join us on Steemit.

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem around the World

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Open Invitation to the #TRON Community to come and join us on #Steemit

As #Steem and #Steemit continues to develop, evolve and grow one of the things that I will be looking forward to doing is welcoming as many New Users from the Crypto World to #Steemit.

With so many Crypto Communities now across various Social Media Platforms wouldn't it be great if they were all together on #Steemit.

To kick things off, I would like to offer an Open Invitation to the #TRON Community to come and join us on #Steemit and will give as many of you as I can a warm welcome with a 100% Upvote.

On twitter?

If you are from the #TRON Community and are reading this and have not yet joined #Steemit please feel free to join #Steemit and share your Introductory Blog on twitter.

To make sure I don't miss your Introductory Blog please tag me on twitter at StephenPKendal and I will make sure that I don't miss it.

100% Upvote and Retweet

Looking forward to welcoming as many from the #TRON Community to #Steemit with a 100% Upvote and Retweet on twitter as I can.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Helping to welcome everyone from the #TRON Community to #Steemit

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This is a great initiative, my support is yours, I do the best I can to spread the news about this. Thanks for the motivation, you inspired me to keep going.
Hoping that tronics community unite at steemit.

Bravo Stephen, great call.

It would be absolutely awesome to see more from the #TRON Community here on #Steemit in their own Community earning #TRX and #Steem for doing exactly what they are doing on the more mainstream platforms where they are sharing all that content for FREE.!!

In a World of "Peer to Peer" Sharing and Communication it seems a real shame that so many Users in the Crypto World are still not earning on Social Media.


You are totally right, it is sad that many are wasting their time and have none of that, instead of being here with us.

Currently I believe that Steemit is a very useful sharing and communication platform for me. I create content and earn income. very helpful.

if the steemit team can create a steemit messanger. it will be an even bigger step.

Excellent initiative @stephenkendal to encourage Steemit users and potential new users to closely follow the movements of Steemit cryptocurrencies.

This is the TRON community link?, If it is this I am already subscribed.

Your post was shared on my Twitter

Greetings and many successes @stephenkendal.

Sir, who are reading post about crypto like #steem #trx and #sbd on many of social media platform, if the join in our steemit and work together then it will be the biggest and strongest community of the world. Thanks for promoting #steem, #trx and doing this great work.

Resteem and Retweet’s done! Very good promotion and invitation, Everyone should promote and let people know about this, always with you, go ahead!

Since Tron merged with Steemit Inc. I think, there are still a lot of TRON Community who haven't become part of steemit. It takes a lot of promos that we have to do to "capture" the TRON COMMUNITY to join Steemit. As the news progresses, the TRON community reaches millions of people. I would be happy if I could participate in the # promo-steem initiated by @stephenkendal

You have helped to promote #steem and now steem is more than $1. Now you are promoting #trx. I think #trx will be $0.50 very soon.

The open invitation is great for TRON, and it's a very big project to move Steemit forward. Hopefully this collaboration will continue to grow, I wish you success always @stephenkendal

Its really a great announcement for us. Now we everybody should invited our friends, family and who are intersted near us to steemit for making a very big community.

Thanks for the immerse support and intiatives towards building the Steemit Ecosystem

We at Steem-ghana are also doing our best to get as much people on board by organising meetups

Tron has good potential to grow up. Thanks for sharing this with us 😊

@stephenkendal sir,this is a very good post thanks. We all need great support in this community.We can spread it through The Social Media.

Resteem and retweeted. We have to spread the identity of steem and tron all over the world. We have to try to attract maximum people in it to make it a big success.

you make a big call sir. I like the way you invite them and also want to support them. if there is something you need. I'm always ready to help

A very good move to built steem.

don't vote on mine and posts from other users, gather strength because you only have 40%. Take a break for two days because we all know that you are selfless, that you want to help everyone.

I was going to do just that.

These last few weeks has seen an explosion in the number of Promotional Blogs promoting #Steem and #Steemit and it has taken it's toll on my Voting Power.

I am going to hold off for a few days and let my Steem Power recharge.

Keep up the great work.


We win together, we are here to promote Steem together with you. Thank you for your awesome job.

good information friends with support for new users, the easier it will be for them to develop success sir @sthepenkendal

Bravo Stephen. It s a good initiative.

I appreciate your invitation to newbies to earn along #steem #trons and #sbd from this awesome platform #steemit ❤️sir @stephenkendal

Congratulations @stephenkendalfor this great initiative on your part, and the invitation to all Steemit users to be part of the TRON Community.

Retweeted and I like your post on Twitter and Resteem on Steemit.

I'm excited to see more progress of #trx too from the telegram group of trx I've heard #trx can reach $1 so holding it would be wise.

off topic: sir @stephenkendal I'm thankful that you have supported my very first contest series #steemsummer on #steemit
I wish you read my post and add some if I missed out anything so please take a look on my content: Thank you so much! 💕

I want to join, but how
Can explain how to join?

I am very happy to hear this on the notification of Mr. @stephenkendal. I really like your post, I upvote and resteem.

Thank you very much @, for sharing a very useful post for people who want to join Steemit, I wish you success in this field, and your struggle in Steemit is very far away. @stephenkendal.

Shared on twitter.

Please help to support the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to twitter.