What's with all these Steem Police all of a sudden? I came to Steem to get away from all this sh*t.!!

#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem free from #Steem Police.!!


It's worse than the real World.!!

Readers of my Blog and those that know me very well, you will know exactly where I am coming from and understand what I am saying.

I have just posted a tweet that reads...


What's with all these #Steem Police all of a sudden?

"I ❤ #Steem.!!"

I came to #Steem to get away from all this sh*t.!!

I 🤬 hate being told what I should and shouldn't do.!!

Enough already.

#Free4Steem 😂🤣


The World is watching

Sure, I am all for creativity and pushing the boundaries of the Community, but forcing opinions down people's throats day in day out, is this honestly the way #Steem was intended to be?

It's worse than the real World.

Enough already.!!

Thanks again for reading.




Steem was intended for people to express their opinions that would not be be allowed/ or frowned on in the main stream media. We need free speech.

We need free speech.

Exactly and just as important we need our free choice to access the #Steem Blockchain by whatever means we choose.

There should be no penalizing access to the #Steem Blockchain based on app.

Once we go down this route, there will be no turning back.


This 'episode' will have more longer term effects on Steem, than people realize.
(Some good, some bad, who knows how the will play out).

I have my own thoughts on the good and the bad, but I'm keeping them to myself.( for now).

This 'episode' will have more longer term effects on Steem, than people realize.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one thinking this.

That's why I am not publicly attacking anyone.

It is ridiculous what some people are doing, unaware of the possible irreversible damage that they may be causing.


Agreed, ppl are being attacked for their perspective and that's just wrong.

ppl are being attacked for their perspective and that's just wrong

Somethings are worth repeating.

Thanks for your contribution and I hope others read your comment.


At the end of the day, most people will actually do it then whinge about some other person doing the same shit they're doing but since it's the "community's choice", the whinger/police is right.

Personally, I don't give a flying f**k what tools or apps people decide to use to access the #Steem Blockchain, as long as they access it.

They can access it through a pile of horse manure if they like, I don't care.

As soon as we start "policing" people telling them which apps they should and shouldn't use and run a campaign forcing it down people's throats then it's game over as a fully decentralised experiment.

I am all in favour of guiding people and helping them to choose an app but I will not dictate what they should and shouldn't use.


This is the exact thing I was trying to fight when an influential community member on Steem started telling people to boycott a particular front-end, not because there are better options out there (which there are), but because he hates the person who now owns that front-end.

Are these "police" giving a choice or are they trying to thrust a single product? It would be really bad bad if they are promoting only one product and I, personally, could not support it. Though I do understand the bias against steemit, I feel we now need a solution, and hope cooler heads prevail.

People should be absolutely free to choose whichever: Product, App or Tool they like to access the Open-Sourced #Steem Blockchain.

Ownership of the: Product, App or Tool accessing #Steem should not effect the use, unless there is clear evidence that the Product is harmful in anyway.


My thoughts exactly Steph. It's about the blockchain and not the damn dapp.

There are concerns that some apps and sites are insecure at this point because they lack any developers behind them which could lead to folks' keys being stolen and/or compromised.

Also some apps/sites have disabled their account creation and not participating in onboarding new users which could/would potentially help to turn the tide against the sock puppet witnesses.

Just an observation of mine.

It's actually based on someone trying to force the "anti-steemit" narrative down someone else's throat.

I fail to see how a potential security risk as well as sites declining to create new accounts is interpreted as an 'anti-steemit' narrative.

Most folks are just trying to use the Steem blockchain and onboard new users so recommending known functional and secure dApps makes perfect sense.

Yes but if I drop a link on Twitter with steemit.com/blahblahblah, I don't think it is healthy to come on my tweet to force it down on my throat. Being decentralised means that people have freedom to do whatever the hell they want with their account, right?

I was unaware of that occurring to you and no I do not think that doing that is right. Folks are free to use whatever they want. Personally I like informing folks of the options and letting them make an educated decision for themselves.

All the 'bashing' is counter-productive.

All the 'bashing' is counter-productive.

There are a few people who fail to realise that people are watching and all this bickering is giving those looking for ammunition the perfect opportunity to sell #Steem short.

I have attempted to keep a lid on all the pent up emotion that appears rife, especially on twitter, but it's like a pressure cooker ready to explode.


Yeah that seems like a better approach.

Not true. Every frontend uses Keychain for login.
You don't even need to give the steemit.com site your keys anymore.

Not every dApp supports Keychain. Some use SteemConnect. Some use directly inputted keys.

Agreed, people are more than happy to attack your personality if they disagree with your views, and now it's somehow acceptable. If you ask me, I couldn't give a flying f**k, but still I take the time to have a good laugh at them whenever I'm given the chance.

I think it happens like that because majority of the app owner had thought steemit.com might be compromise by Justinsun since he owns it now. I just hope this won't be the end of this blockchain as many services render is being removed drastically from the blockchain, like steemhunt, last time I check blocktrade is not functioning. I just hope many site would not be shut down.

Block trades is now up and running.

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