With a Market Cap Valuation of approximately $380 million these last few weeks have seen some extraordinary things in the movement of the price of Steem. Current Price = $1.02 + 26.92%

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#Steem - Technical Analysis

With a Market Cap Valuation of approximately $380 million these last few weeks have seen some extraordinary things in the movement of the price of #Steem.

Currently standing at $1.02, the previous target of $1.00 set for the end of June has been well and truly smashed and it was great see #Steem reach over +$1.20 earlier today.

Whether this is a short term spike or something more significant will become clearer over the coming few weeks.

Fundamentally, I do believe there does not appear to be a driver for this change in #Steem and I put it down to the Market finally valuing #Steem for it's true potential.

Could we see a +$1.3 billion Market Cap Valuation for #Steem this year?

Absolutely we could and I very much doubt that there would have to be much of a fundamental change to the Ecosystem to warrant such a Valuation.

Any additional fundamental changes that brings additional added value to #Steem would most likely push this +$1.3 billion Market Cap Valuation much higher.

#Steem - Chart 1

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#Steem - Chart 2

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#Steem - Current Price

Current Price = $1.02 + 26.92%

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#Steem - dMAmapping Screen

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#Steem - Summary

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#Steem - Conclusion

Where we go from here is difficult to tell at this moment, but one thing that is for sure is that the price movement in #Steem over the last few weeks has certainly put #Steem back into the spotlight of the Cryptocurrency Market.

Thanks again for reading.


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Thank you!

I am so much thankful for steemit and great technocrats like you @stephenkendal for your enormous support. There is something incredible about promoting steemit here in Ghana. It simply gives me a feeling that makes me want to do more promo work. Steemit has a lot of impacts to make on the lives of people here in Africa and beyond. But the presence of great steemians like you are the reasons some of us keep going. We got to show the world the new face of the internet, steemit.

At this time the Steem is at $ 1.21 @stephenkendaland, and due to the speed that has increased from yesterday to today, it is very possible that for tomorrow it will be close to $ 1.6. This is good news for all of us.

The movement of steem is saying yes it’s possible, we can see a +$1.3 billion Market Cap . This is the time people should increase its publicity by the social media and should hold the steem .

Was the increase in the exchange rate influenced by people who re-invested the steem in SP? so that it affects the amount of circulation?
In 2018, when Steem Prices fell, many steemians did power down and went on steemit.
I believe the steem value will return to $ 8 later this year.

but why the diff in steem price here in wallet and exchange than in outside exchanges (price on coingecko)???

The price of the #Steem used to calculate the value of the #Steem in your Steemit Wallet is calculated using a weekly average to smooth out any fluctuations.


Good morning @stephenkendal , last night you surprised us with the news of the Steem passing the value of a dollar. And today with this analysis that you present to us, it can be speculated that the value of Steem in this next month is going to rise considerably.

On Twitter, I follow you and retweet your posts.


Yes MC to 1.3B and steem to 4USD sooner than we think... Steem is toooo much undervalued!

Nice... looking forward to a $1B valuation soon.

#steem target for $1.20 is fair and after more
#promo-steem value will increase more in June InshaAllah. Thanks for sharing sir @stephenkendal

now come true like Mr @ stephenkendal said.

Steem price need to stand at $1 for some days. I think steem is about to boom. Steem price can become high lately but it will high definitely. Lets wait for your next target at $3.5.

We are very hopeful for #steem. Its not the final stage of steem price. We should hold steem and wait for something better.

@stephenkendal sir,I think the price of steem is going up now. Because in a few days if the steem price will cross $1.Because the price of steem has been rising so fast lately.I think Steem will do something good one day. Everyone will be fine.

I'm not very good with analysis, but your explanation makes sense. #steem jump to the moon

Definitely, steem is going to be the best cryptoplatform and it is the best platform for the new as well as experienced people as well.
We all can do it by sharing about steem it in our social platforms.
Let's do it friends

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thank you for sharing the information, and now steem price, very high price, always success @stephenkendal.

Great news! looking forward to getting more insights from you. Thank you.

Steem can move to up or down but current moving style of steem price is positive so we should wait for the next pump.

Waiting for your latest update for #steem and #promo-steem 🙂 @stephenkendal

good job bro! I hope we can exchange ideas like a small discussion, and if we may ask how to reconfigure a work team that has not communicated for a long time? can you give feedback?