With an estimated ~4,000 Daily Active Users, we need more Users to join Steem.!!

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem around the World

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Promoting #Steem around the World

With an estimated ~4,000 Daily Active Users on #Steem we need more Users to join #Steem and to use #Steem as their preferred choice of #SocialMedia Platform.

Please feel free to leave below any ideas that you may have to help increase the number of Daily Active Users on #Steem.

I am always on the look out to help and support: Projects, Groups, Communities and Individuals that are out there promoting #Steem.

Thanks again for reading.



50+ Daily Active users, have in our #steembangladesh community.
Already you know, we have organized #steemtour for #promosteem and Enjoy.
We will try our best

Great promotion @stephenkendal, yeah! We need more steem users. Then we should awake, each and everyone, let's also empower the Country Reps more. Thanks very much.

Dear susceptor,

@sm-shagor & @rex-sumon work in steem promotion well
They need collaboration from you

hi mr @stephenkendal today I am back to doing steem promos to people around me, maybe you can see it here


Hi Stephen, the low course of Crypto is reflected on activities of Steemians. On other hand who knows might be that the kinds are back to school and people are more busier. There are not many people who have luxury of free time for blogging despite of low rate of Steem. There should be better news from @steemitblog that may wake up the sleeping users :)

This is true. I think 4000 is much smalller then I thought.

I would really appreciate it if you could share with me the source of your assertion that we have 4000 Active Daily Users? The reason I ask is that I often mention during my podcast the number of users based on the sites that I visit, and I generally come up with about 1900 users. If your source is more accurate, it would be greater for me to use that! Thank you!
I use: https://dappradar.com/rankings/category/social

I regularly manually count the number of Blogs that are being published in a 24 hour period and it's currently around 4,000.

It usually takes around an hour to do and is always a worthwhile exercise.


Thank you Stephen! I will use this as another source for reporting on how Steem is doing. It's very exciting to know that there is so much activity in our community! As always, we all really appreciate your dedication! Good things ahead!

My last post from 3 months ago this is my first look back in at steem in 3 months ...nope nothing has changed ...bye ...check in in a few more months if steem still exists by then ... such a shame watching a good idea go down the drain...

Steemit Get Your Shit Together
thelifeofbrian (52)
in #steemit • 3 months ago

Deal With the down vote TROLLS ! AND Censorship ..
Deal with the 7 days and your work is now worthless !
Deal with the signup time!
I no longer use steemit ....LBRY Bitchute are my hangouts ..you are not attracting good content !

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