Showcase STEEM's Superiority MEME Initiative!steemCreated with Sketch.

This is a new initiative to show the world why STEEM is the best blockchain to date for powering Web 3+ applications.

This is to showcase STEEM's superiority compared to its competitors, and you can earn some crypto for spreading the good word!



STEEM has human-readable account names (like TheycallmeDan for instance) is easy to develop on, fast & free transactions with a built-in community eager to help projects grow. BUT, most importantly, STEEM has SCALED & will continue to SCALE going into the future.

For more info on why Steem is scaled & ready to rock, read these two post made by @aggroed recently:

#POSH: To be eligible for upvotes, share your Steem MEME to Twitter (use #STEEM in your tweet), & comment on this post with both your Tweet link & Steem MEME.

Flood the Internet with STEEM MEMES!

Post Beneficiaries: 100% @steem.dao


Hahahaaaa! that is wonderful meme.


I LOVE this one. It's brilliant. :) Great job!

We will activate the Hispanic community. Good initiative


Hey Dan, I just wrote a little freewrite on the current state of Steem and used this "meme" as the cover image. Not the most original, not the most elaborate but the photo is mine and I thought it might still make some contribution to your meme challenge :)


Yes steem Transaction is the fastest!

It's true, transactions with steem are much faster!

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I love steem and you? love you steem also?

Good idea Dan!

Expect an entry from me when I figure out what exactly to do. :)

Great funny meme

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Gearing up to take part in this!

Great initiative Dan. with meme! Steem is on top & easy assessible. Thanks for sharing steem.

Hahahaha, The meme, it made me laugh a lot.

Thanks for giving me opportunity to show my talent on generating meme

Twitter link:-

Steemit link:-

Great Content, Great News,
Up-voted & Re-Steemed to our growing online readership.

Buena idea,muy hermoso meme theycallmedan,saludos desde venezuela

I don't think that is how you use that meme ;D

Agreed.. :0D

hahahaha nice try tho

It was, maybe rattled off a bit too quickly!!

great super contest

@theycallmedan, Kindly find my below piece for your reference.

Steem Visibility Boosting Initiatives are really appreciable aspect.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed brother. 🙂

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Don't you mean Smeme 🤣

Hi @khussan

Just a moment ago I decided to check out your profile and see if you published any articles lately - only to realize that you didn't publish anything in a long while.
Hope you are well and didn't give up on steemit yet.

Cheers, Piotr

It's not i gave up but since i lost all of my photographs in dec 2019 i havent been feeling that good about my posts and this device i am using now might not hold for long as it is encountering firmware related glitches and screen glitches

Hi again @khussan

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

@theycallmedan. Here's my entry /


Here's a link to my entry that I made into a whole post

Here's a link to the tweet That is getting some activity as well


I'll give it a shot, here's my try and shared on Twitter