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Right now we are sitting in the midst of a lot of uncertainty. People have seen the steemit market rocket to meteoric highs and they are scared. These people have pulled their money out of the market and are now sitting in cash. I was one of those people. I am one of those people.

One thing I have found though is that you don’t time the market. You also don’t know what the market is going to do. I want to encourage you to invest through this uncertainty instead of sitting on the sideline waiting for it to end.

Overall market trend is always up

If you have ever looked at a steemit market chart over the long term you will see that no matter what happens, the steem market tends to drift up. Another thing you will notice is that big crashes in the moment are small blips in the grand scheme of long term investing.

What does this mean? This means that over the long term your investment will win. It also means that what you are avoiding by not investing either wont ever happen or will happen and in the long game wont be as big of a deal as you are expecting.

Don’t set it and forget it

When you are investing through the struggle I want to encourage you to keep investing in steem power. A lot of us want to buy something and be done with it. This isn’t how you do it though. You need to buy it and then as the market moves you need to either buy more of that or buy something else that is undervalued to add to your portfolio. It is very important that we don’t just become set it and forget it investors. You want to always be adding to your portfolio.

At steemit I do this monthly. This gets you in the habit of investing but it also encourages you to go out and get more money. When you make money and immediately put it into an investment account creating artificial brokenness this makes you more alert and more hungry and thus more likely to bring in more money.

Whatever you do, don’t just invest and forget about it. Constantly add to what you have.

Be greedy when others are fearful

This market, while not at a complete low is not as high as the market will ever be. Are there some companies that could potentially fall off their highs and never return? Maybe, but that is not likely.

Too many people invest in the rear-view mirror. They look at what has happened and try to make decisions about what will happen. Many people do this because that is all the data that they have but when you invest you can’t look only at what you see, you have to imagine what can be. You have to look at that “warzone” and decide it isn’t going to be a warzone anymore. You have to look at that crappy steemit account and decide that you are going to add some steem power to it and put in some SBDs and make it not look like a crappy account anymore. You make money in the future not in the past.


Don’t look at what the market has done, imagine what it is going to do. Are we going to continue to innovate? Are owners going to continue to be profitable? Are steemians going to stop spending money? No. Steemit is only going to get better and stronger and as a result so will our businesses, our crypto markets and our properties. When they do, you want to be in the game not looking to get into the game because we never know when that time will be. The only way to guarantee you don’t miss out is to get in now.

I encourage you to steem with us and join our promosteem partnership. We are doing a great work and if we keep up the pace you can be into five hundred steem power before the middle of next year. They are also hosting a 150 promosteem contest. If you want to participate this right here is the link to the contest entry:

Thank you for reading!

Be great, invest well

Uncle T


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