First Promo Steem virtual meet-up via(google meet-up) hosted by @jassennessaj &@julstamban

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Hello Steemians :)
First off all I would like to say thanks to our heavenly father for the successful virtual meet-up. Especial thanks to @jassennessaj and @julstamban for hosting the meeting. To all the participants thank you for making our virtual meet-up successful.



Even if we've got 30 plus attendants in first time isn't bad its called a successful one. Soon hopefully by promoting steem to my fellow pilipinos especially in cebuanos(Cebu bisdak) where I live. We can make 30 times 30 attendants or more and more hopefully soon.


Inside the meeting the host disscuss about 3 tokens on steemit the Steem(SBD), Steem Dollars, Steem Power(SP). Since, I've joined steemit 2018 3 years ago I already now about that. Especially, how earn steem, how to use hastags, how to create content with effort so that the readers can't feel bored to your blog. Every thing they discuss is very useful and meaningful. I got more courage to do more effort to promote steem in my place just like the host doing. They got more confident to let the meet up successsful and yes they did it. Congrats both of you @jassennessaj and @julstamban thanks for your effort.



For the Newbies who attended the virtual meet up I'm sure your knowledge boost about the steemit platform and courage you to move forward and create content to introduce steem in your place where ever you are. Not only promoting steem but creating content what ever you want to write. In addtional there's so many opportunity on steemit like joining community for example you want to join photography, promo-steem, steemit philippines, food etc. . . . that you can subscribe and become a member. Here on steemit we are one, we are team, we support everyone, we support you. Let us support the steem and make this steem community become bigger and bigger. Bring this steem become famous to the next generation not only for the next generation but our generation.




Until nextime . . . .



Glad to have you onboard brother @aiyeecanoy! Welcome back!

Thank you bro! Bring it on !

Congratulations...!!! You Got Upvote & Resteem
By: PromoSteem Community

Thanks I will !