how to post in steemit so many people vote

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imageFirst of all, the content you post should attract people's attention.

Social media

There is a small tip for connecting more to the post. You can make a post on your facebook profile, which is connected to steemit post. Here's an example:
If you have a twitter account, instagram or other social media account, please also link on this page. Its all about getting your links to as many people as possible.

Connect hoax - always link to your post on Steemit
This is a small but legit and effective trick.

Every time you post, anywhere, sign in with your name (or your company name or service) and send a link to your post on Steem with that name.

In post steemit just put this code at the end of writing:
Replace the https-link to your link and your specific name, for your name. When done like this:

Lasse Ehlers

The same technique can be used in other forums and other social media, but the meight code must be changed to a particular site.

Contact your friends, family and business partners, ask for "upvote" on a particular post. Or ask to share a vote, so you give them a vote on their post and they give you a vote, in your post, instead.

Send to others
When you reply to a post and redirect others to them, you will get more attention and be converted into more votes in your post, at least later. Here the link to your post, on your behalf, is very important.

That's for now.

Happy steeming and hopefully your post will get more upvotes after applying the above tip.

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