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The problem with the West and Marxism is that the West never considers Marxism seriously. Somehow, Marxism is perceived as a rational ideology, while fascism and imperialism are regarded as existential threats. Even Nazi ideology, due to its roots in nationalism, is less threatening to Western societies than Marxism would be. Fascism and imperialism are regional ideologies: Generalissimo Franco was entirely indifferent to international affairs, once his faction consolidated power in Spain. General Secretary Stalin, never stopped sending subversive spies, even during the Second World War. If the West does not bother the fascists, the fascists will not bother the West; Marxists, however, will never stop their attempts at subverting non-communist societies because the foundation of their ideology is rooted in the humanist poison of international revolution.

How did the Yanks, with their cutting-edge technology, limitless money, and numberless conscripts, lose to little yellow men on rice paddies, fighting with second-hand weapons? Only twenty years prior, the US obliterated Imperial Japan, annihilated the Third Reich, and ground Italy into dust. US lost the war in Vietnam because their society was heavily infiltrated by Soviet agents in academia, media, and arts. Walter Cronkite's ludicrous "analysis" of the failed Tet Offensive somehow convinced US political leadership to accept the Soviet propaganda and declare defeat, after killing fully one-third of enemy strength in South Vietnam and crippling their operational infrastructure. Yet, this Marxist spy is hailed as the ideal of journalism by many brain-dead Western "journalists." Cronkite probably was awarded the Order of Lenin, in absentia, for single-handedly crushing the US military operation in Vietnam. A spy in the right place is worth more than ten regiments of elite troops.

The infiltration of Marxist agents in Western society has intensified, since Vietnam, yet the West is oblivious to this existential threat. The Western political leaders are blind or unwilling to combat the Marxist cancer, eating away at the core of their society. Because the cancer has metastasized aggressively into various facet of Western society, drastic measures will be necessary to purge these subversive elements from Western sociocultural matrix.


I concur that Marxism is a particularly pernicious form of collectivism whose destructive potential is vastly underestimated. The misguided Marxists I am familiar with barely bat an eye when confronted with the necessity of violence Marxism entails and - by extension - guarantees. To a man (and woman) they are apologists for the genocides carried out in pursuit of Marxist utopianism, expounding with meme-like mantras that "that wasn't real Marxism" or "it wasn't done right". The potential for self-delusion when coupled with blind conviction in one's own moral superiority is infinite in its ability to discount human life as worthless unless it obeys the self-appointed masters.

The US population is slowly becoming aware of the coercive collectivism that has infected academia and the education system in the states, thanks largely to the independent media. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of Europe, where the population appears in thrall to expectations of social conformity at all costs. Even the populist uprising in Europe fails to recognize that it is academia and the subversion of the education system that has opened the gates to generations of bloodshed and terror at the hand of anti-logic theists. Only Hungary appears to have recognized that the academic suite of postmodern neo-Marxist pseudosciences are little more than a fifth column designed to destroy societal cohesion in favor of their own brand of authoritarian conformism.

Beyond any doubt there will be a purge of undesirables in the west, the only question is what form it will take and which undesirables will be expunged and overwritten as inhuman monsters in the pages of history.

Marxism starts with the central banking system, and corporatism - just like democracy (in Marxist theory) - is a neccassary stepping stone on the way to communism.

The facade of capitalism in the west has been the left's biggest victory, since 1913.

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