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Mirror, tempered gaze, vision of self
In wonder, a quest
Eyes light upon a world inside the glass
Divine presence echoes through
Where tomorrow I will call
Sparks of energy, in fingertips, radiate
Empowered by the elements
Spiraling up in volumes
From tender bare feet
Into my core
Surging above, to halo’s delight
Cellular bond
Exemption from a world caged in negative rampancy
For the word – is the balance
The world’s universal truth
Where justice is lost in forests of wicked demon claws
It will be found again, in visions wrought by divine Angels
Enjoining dimensional divides
My lips quiver, under my bite, as my eyes close in exquisite embrace
Where the messages flutter from ribbons of me
Imprinted upon the world
Though the world may fail to see
In God I Trust
Flaming sword, wielded right
Into the sky, I write
upon all dimensions of reality,
Pouring forth the golden light
Defying bounds, I emerge
Flanked by Archs, of highest order
Sound pulsing through me
Skin glistening dew as the dance comes to life
Body in a rhythmic trance,
palms glide over and return, again, to the sky
Where the music connects
I write in particles of energy
Of a world that will return to astronomical harmony
Hope blooms from the liquid vitality
Of measured need
Now a sojourn of devotion
Glowing celestially
Of love
Shimmering form, in night's call to rest
Found now, in a space that encompasses me
Folded within sinews that hold me so tight
Dreams vivid in the warm caress I know
Energy calling out
Lifetimes of memory
Eternal artistry, we weave
Touch, unwavering
Glorious culmination of devotion,
of need
Potent concert of waves, rippling through the planes of time
Magnetic resonance
Souls converge
In triumph, we alight
Foes struck silent in awe
Bow under the illumination
Delivered in convergence


~ MindInspired