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Everybody want to get a healthy and happy life.But sometime there is a problem that we don't know how to balance our life through a healthy diet.If we take enough protein in everyday then obviously it is fine but not too much.But we take regularly carbohydrates specially we(Indian).So balancing of food in everyday life is neccessary.protien strengthen our body but carbohydrates only gives us energy.highproteindiets_1280px_97576cceb35a44cd86625a4d974aa827.jpegsource


Dear Mausumi, we, the Indians belongs to such a country which is developing not developed like other western countries. 70 % People of this country is lying below poverty line. So our food culture is mostly based on carbo-hydrate type. Still your massage is very useful so far health is concern.

Poverty is really a untimate factor to maintain our health.

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