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As we as a whole realized that the two most famous cryptographic forms of money are Bitcoin and Ethereum however these two notable cryptos are not actually being utilized as a method for trade in light of the fact that many treat them as a speculative asset. Digital currency overall is yet to be all around the world utilized as a method of daily transactions. As it is currently, you can't utilized Bitcoin to pay for merchandise in your neighborhood supermart.

This article will be about a blockchain project situated in Kyiv Ukraine named JAX Network which has been working perseveringly to settle the issues above. The objective of the project is to ensure crypto is acknowledged as a method for everyday installment of labor and products by first supplanting the current stablecoin in the business with their foundation profoundly versatile, decentralized and Proof of Work based stablecoin known as JAX Coin and afterward work to be part of worldwide payment ecosystem.


What an elevated objective by Jax Network, they don't stick out with this without profound exploration which has gone into the task since it appeared in 2018 and its origin, its colleagues collectively working together to accomplish one objective of fostering a got and versatile stablecoin whose scalability won't be penance on the special raised area of safety. The cooperation reliably from 2018 to 2020 and they had the option to accomplished this objective.

Jax.Network's Scalability Solution

To put this plainly, Jax Network protocol works to utilize their own special sharding and merged mining arrangement to permit the modern scalability of their blockchain protocol. The significance to this is that all shards on the blockchain will be gotten to the most elevated level without frustrating their nonstop scalability. The group of the undertaking guaranteed that their merged mining arrangement will actually want to forestall up to 51% assaults and it is much more productive than autonomous shard chains.


In this network, miners won't procure fixed awards as it is entirely expected in other blockchains for addressing blocks, they will rather get reward dependent on the hash power they add to ensure the network inside the shard chains.

The justification of this framework is to accomplish balance on the network shards. Notwithstanding the number of shards you mined, your incentives will be straightforwardly relative to the quantity of hash power you bring into the network.

Futhermore, this is the way Jax Network Coins will actually want to guarantee its status as a gently stablecoin, the justification on this grounds is that miners are compensated by benefit and this will make them to adhere to the law of demand and supply while printing new coins. In a reasonable terms, miners will mint more coins when there is appeal for it and they will decrease their mining rate when the interest is low and this will make the cost of Jax Network coin stable along these lines making it appropriate for everyday installments and exchanges like stable incorporated monetary standards.

The platform made use of Proof of Work blockchain instead of making a use of Proof of Stake which many activities has been deciding to work on their exhibition. As indicated by their Chief Economist, Lucas Leger, he said by utilizing Proof of Stake, it will expand the convergence of force and this will forfeit the possibility of decentralization. He emphatically accepts that the Proof of Work protocol will assist the project with accomplishing the vital speed that will be need to turn into a worldwide payment framework without forfeiting the security of the protocol.


Everything about JAX Network is associated with the underlying coin appropriation of the platform. Its one of a kind prize technique on shards isn't backing of in case it was run under Pos agreement calculation.

Moreso, Proof of work can be viewed as a type of venture with no proper returns and this is a direct result of the general value precariousness. According to a financial viewpoint, you either be in supoort of a framework closer to sharding with restricted obligations for Proof of Stakes or a framework that on the side of preferring business ventures and speculations (PoW). Jax Network has chosen to go with the second one which is more on the side of financial prizes dependent on shards reward framework.

From the second quarter of 2020 till now, the platform has been in its advancement stage and probably the best mind in the business and programming improvement have been selected to work on the advancement of JAX Network and base on the guide of the task, the Mainnet of the venture will be ready on the third or fourth quarter of 2021 which will be after their tokensale that is presently going on which you can also participate in it.

Useful Links

Website: https://jax.network/
Light Paper: https://jax.network/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Jax.Network-Lightpaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/jax_network
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CommunityJax


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