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About ProximaX

Hope you enjoy this exciting video about the ProximaX project, so let dive into the platform in more detail. ProximaX is a revolutionize ecosystem and also an extension of the NEM coin framework where her ideological innovations was born from using SDK and API structure by build a secure and well structures four reputable layers of decentralization of pool of resource that allows startup project and existing project in the crypto space to become successful .

ProximaX envisage easier for enterprises and startups to take advantage of blockchain technology and disrupt the use of centralized services when it comes to things like database management, database storage, streaming data services, data aggregation services and more.
This helps reduce the cost of operation and allow companies to better use their resources and focus on creating a better, more affordable product for their users or clients.

By integrating the blockchain protocol with off-chain service layers the ProximaX Sirius platform solution provides both the advantages of a decentralized network and traditional centralized database solutions.

The ProximaX built a world class blockchain protocol with off-chain service layers which comprises of centralized and decentralized features to enable both traditional technology and the new emerge digital technology create the need quality service to their dear customers and also end users of their product . Hence the long awaited hydrib Software architectures as a service which allows developers to deploy and their application without worry about how to write code for deployment with very low latency.

ProximaX design a central chain technology which is called the ProximaX Sirius, which is was develop on the NEM blockchain technology that encompasses of secure database layers via broadcast and storage distribution.

Why everyone we need the ProximaX
As the population of the world grows there are needs that needs to be filled which the Proximax will be need for such. Below are the following applications

Everyone project whether startup or existing project in the blockchain industry and the traditional industry such as the fintech, ecommerce will need know your customers aka KYC. The ProximaX have all it takes to manage large pool of database for client and development can leverage on the ProximaX platform to effectively management, store and secure data of their customers.

Business owners ranges from small scale and medium enterprises to big time cooperation’s can use the ProximaX Suit for seminar presentation and processing of large sum of data , it have features of the excel spreadsheet and is more reliable compare to the traditional excel spreadsheet . This reduces burden and stress from administrative staff of any cooperation because it has been tested and confirm successful.

For digital marketers and traditional marketers, the proximax is an innovative platform where images can be taken and process both offline and online via the proximax Notes. This note is not only for image storage but also jotting down of note during meetings, business trip or even vacation.

As the cybercrime increases , the forensic analysis need to be done to reduce the comb the rate of cybercrime , the proximax forensics tools does a pretty real time analysis for developers , and also secret service intelligence which help to enhance their productivity and profound solution to their crime research .

As data keep increases, which is known as big data there is now the need for file storage whether structured or unstructured data for future reference, hence the proximaX file create a transparent and secure file sharing application across multiple nodes through the aid of the ProximaX Sirus innovation.

Last but not the least is the area of identification, every countries, cities or town, organization needs this services so that that their data can be manage effectively. This helps to control security and safety of asset, hence the ProximaX is position to create the need and quality services we all need in this dispensation.

Benefit of the proximaX
The ProximaX was design to create a lasting impact on startup project and an existing project to which will help for project development and expansion in archieving managerial goals and objectives . the following are the benefit of the platform

  1. Low cost
  2. Friendly GUI
  3. Highly Scalable across all regions
  4. Low latency
  5. Durability
  6. Highly Secure
  7. Transparent
  8. 24hours customers support
  9. Very easy to configure without formal education
  10. Highly accessible

IN CONCLUSION , the ProximaX is a robust technology built with a world class facilitiy to meets the needs of blockchain and traditional industry . the diagram summarize why we all need the ProximaX ecosystem

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