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RE: Psychology Addict # 58 | Punishment – An Overview Through the Lens of Psychology.

in #psychology2 years ago (edited)
I'm sorry if this came off as a history lesson
Please take that apology back straight away! 😇 I know you were not trying to lecture :) But the insight you provided was to me very informative, like in a lesson, and I truly appreciate it! Plus, I am more acquainted with European history than with American history. So, there you go :D

Also, I forgot to thank you for those links you shared here. For the next few months I am going to take some lessons on the latest in forensic psychology (one never stops), and I have already seen that I will have to conduct research on offenders rights, rehabilitations in prison and so forth... every bit of material is valuable!

All right! Make sure you take that apology back sooner than later 😘
Much love from a warm Evening in Portugal!
Movie time over here 😊


Thank you, friend. Removed

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