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RE: Psychology Addict # 36 | Shaun the Sheep & Marriage

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Hi @bala41288 😊

It pleases me very much to hear you found this post interesting and; also, that it brought you the understanding of how self-evaluation is important!

As for the statement you are confused about. Simply put, things go like this: from an evolutionary perspective man's stress system is indeed more reactive than women's. This is one of the things that helped us make it and not be exterminated by predators in the wild way back in the day when we were hunters and gatherers. It is important to react quick and keep that adrenaline going for a while in such environment.

When you say it takes just a few seconds for you to calm down and forget things; now, here, there might be an interplay between your biological reaction and your personality. The same goes for your mum :) This is why I mentioned in the post problems need to be resolved as soon as possible. When they aren't people fall into a cycle of negative thinking, they begin to feel resentful and angry. It becomes more complex.

Thank you for taking the time to read and debate things further Bala.
All the best to you :)


Yes, it could be an interplay as you said. I understand the importance of solving problems immediately then and there. Thanks for your explanation Abi. 😀

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