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RE: Psychology Addict # 40 | How do You React to Your Own Negative Thoughts?

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Hi Erika ❤ :)

You see, you are my Mathusalem. I like your idea of public rumination and found the example you used to illustrate it a very relevant one.

I respect the way you always manage to expand the context being discussed, as if you don't allow the individual to bear the burden on his own (well, you are a systemic counselor after all). And, yes, I agree with you: passive rumination require loneliness; or, perhaps even isolation.

I share your view about Steemit too :)

Writing for steemit is kind of leading a diary by analyzing other objects and not myself - it shows me the abundance of characteristics and also that everything which is a tendency of a person can be initiated as well as calmed down.

as well as the habit of writing down my thoughts and analyzing them later 😉

Much love to you :*


Before steemit I was writing for my hard-drive (except my special theme blog which is quite some time ago).

Very much so. I am a systemic thinker through and through and I think we are all feeding us back and forth. If there is no support from the system than things get boring and uninteresting for a certain topic.

What about you? Have you also thoughts about your own writings that some of them are deeply embarrassing and some you are impressed of?

Have a good week,

yours Methusalem :)))

I have, yes :) I have also noticed that when I write about unhappy times my writing is a lot longer and detailed than when I write about joyful moments.

yours Methusalem :)))

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