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RE: Psychology Addict # 36 | Shaun the Sheep & Marriage

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My dearest @fiercewarrior 😊

My view is that I believe people should be allowed to express their emotions in ways how they see it, sense it and feel it, without resorting to violence of course.

This is a very valid observation, which I agree with in many, many ways. But, I do have something to add here :) I understand you already disregarded violent means of conveying feelings. Nevertheless, I have come across a lot of people, who through acting upon their raw emotions have caused incredible psychological damage to others. As much as I believe that those very hart-attack patients you mentioned may be victims of bottled up emotions, I believe a great portion of them are also individuals on the receiving end of those who express themselves as they see fit.

I believe all of us every once in a while (and some of us, throughout our entire lives) need some careful consideration before manifesting emotions as we feel them, as they can sometimes be rather primal! :)

Thank you for sharing your insight on this one my dear. Your view definitely intrigued me and caused some reflections! :*

All the best to you always.


..that's my very point, because we as human beings are primal, expressing ourselves despite how it may offend is necessary for physical and mental wellbeing. And of course I'm glad you've reminded us that psychological abuse is two fold and can also be the reason why some people end up with strokes and heart attacks. But we should never hold back on how we're feeling to spare another - what about your feelings!?!. I believe honesty is the best policy and the tonic required for good emotional and mental health in all our relationships. There will be occasions when we have to be diplomatic with information we provide and choose our words carefully, but the outcome is still the same, honesty. Before we can consider other people's feelings, we will first need to consider our actions that led to a re-action.

Sorry @abigail-dantes, I disagree with you on this one, but I absolutely take your point on board. Peace :*

😃 You are definitely making me think, and rethink this one! Thank you. I will need to sit down with a cup of tea, nothing else happening around me and this train of thoughts of yours.

Much love to you always my dear @fiercewarrior :)

Someone's view of you does not have to become our reality..much love to you too @abigail-dantes, until next time. :*

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