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RE: Psychology Addict # 37 | What Do you Do When Things go Wrong?

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This is just incredible! I am presently stable emotionally but i was able to relate with the states you had described above simply because i was once a shattered being long ago.

I lost my mum and got involved in drugs. Although i am out of that state now i do, sometimes, feel deprived of her company. I never held anyone/thing responsible but i usually do feel angry with myself that i should have spent valuable time with her when she was alive.

All that is still lodged somewhere within me but they only surface whenever i feel so low.

I want to be like before

Like Sandra. But all honesty, I can't help it.

Thank you forr this piece. It is important because it shows me that i probably may not be alone in the fight... "To be like before"


Hello there @abumaryam :)

Before anything, let me just say that I love, love, love the description of yourself you share on your blog "An ardent reader and a curious listener" :D Gosh, someone who is keen to read and listen, in my opinion, is halfway there! With 'there' being 'high levels of subjective well-being'.

I am so sorry for your loss and the pain you went through because of it @abumaryam. I truly understand it. But, here is the thing, do you really think it is realistic "to be like before" after all you went through? After all the things you learnt and saw because of the journey you made? No, it isn't!

I disagree with that sort of goal. Not only is it impossible, but it is also backwards. Why not, instead of looking at how you were before, envision that @abumaryam you would like to be tomorrow, next week, month, year, decade. Now, that is an achievable destination!

One that you can reach with the lessons you learnt from losing your mum. However, feeling guilty about what you didn't do when she was around is just going to slow your journey there! But, avoiding repeating those actions again with other loved members of your family will just get you there quicker.

Would you care yo tell me then, the person you wish to become tomorrow and focus on that? After all, don't forget what we discussed here in this very post. If you focus on who you were before, how will you be a better person in the future?

All the best to you :)