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RE: Psychology Addict # 57 | Memories From The After Life.

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Brave of you, dear Abigail, to explore this question. At its heart, the proposition that

the mind is a separate, independent entity that is interconnected with, but not produced by the brain

So many questions are raised by this discussion. Not just what happens after death, but, are the criteria for establishing death valid? What's really going on when a person is in a 'vegetative state', or 'brain dead'? Is there consciousness and we just don't understand it? Can't reach it? What are the implications for medical treatment, and organ transplantion?

Also, is consciousness an exclusively human trait? That will open a hornet's nest when it comes to the question of animal rights...raises issues of sentience, and suffering.

Wow, this is going to take hours of looking up the references--and still there will be at the end questions.

I don't know if science is equipped, or ever will be equipped to answer these questions. Oh, and as I'm writing, I think of AI. Can AI have consciousness?

You have really opened a topic here that has endless possibilities.
I am impressed, as always, by your research and balanced treatment.

Thank you for ending with the quote from Lao-tzu. Very nice place to rest my mind before going to sleep. Yes, it is bedtime and I think I will look up the Tao Te Ching instead of the other references tonight. That will bring me pleasant dreams.

Can't tell you how impressed I am by the quality of your thought. Always an experience.

With Respect, and Great Affection
Your New York friend,