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RE: Psychology Addict # 65 | Self-Awareness: Investigating the Past & Making New Year’s Resolutions.

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My dear Abigail,
A delight to read your gentle words here.
I related especially to your discussion of control, and chuckled as I recalled my behavior when I sense that I'm about to be ill: I clean. This gives a sense of control. It's calming. When my husband sees me cleaning with particular vigor he worries and asks if I feel alright :))

This is such a thoughtful blog, not one I will digest and put aside. Much to think about. I relate this to some of your earlier blogs, especially the one about guilt. We have to let go... forgive ourselves and others.

Your wisdom is received and welcomed because you offer it without judgment. We are fallible, but that's Ok. The idea is to move forward. Not to be obsessed with our faults, but to address them consciously.

Reading advice that is given with such generous goodwill not only gives me something to think about, but also lifts my heart. I'm reminded of the goodness in others.

Thanks for taking the time to write this seasonal/end-of-year essay. It was well worth the time and effort it cost you, at least to this reader.

With great affection and respect,


It is wonderful to start my day with your beautifully written words my dear @agmoore2 :)

We all have our peculiar ways to feel we're in control, don't we? I have a constant necessity to have things clean and in order, at all times. And, although I am getting a little more flexible I still have a long way to go 😌 Your husband seems observant and thoughtful. Mine is like that too <3

Thank you for always being fully present and for always kindly engaging with my work here on the platform @agmoore2. Having you as my reader makes my blogging time and my experience here all the more enjoyable and meaningful. Steemit is a place of friendship, kindness and affection indeed (as you once pointed out!). And your presence and actions on the platform are evidence of that :)

Much love always & forever all the way from Portugal :*

Hello Abigail,

Nice to find your gracious response this morning as I wake up with coffee. Yes, my husband is observant. We are rather tuned to each other, as is usually the case after so many years. Plus, he loves me :)

I appreciate your kind words to me, but I think kindness, even more than wisdom, characterizes your blogs--and your comments. Sometimes, when I read your responses, I take a deep breath and remember to be patient with life. You lead by example.

I wish you health, peace, joy and fulfillment in the year ahead.

Love, from your friend across the sea,