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Aristotle said that humans are a zoon politikon (social/civic animal).

We are hypersocial animals, and some genes in dogs (as opposed to wolves, who don't have those alleles) and humans seem to be working in the same way in us and in them, which might explain why we find each other's company so nice :)

On chromosome six in particular, investigators have found three genes that code for hyper-sociability—and they are in the same spot as similar genes linked to similar sweetness in humans.

Goffman would agree that how we appear to others dictates a lot of our behavior.

Just yesterday I was walking down the promenade and I was struck by the image of a very young girl taking pics, under parental instruction, of her young looks-conscious mom who was posing in a sexy manner on decorative rocks. That struck me as vain and very stereotypical of our current culture. Instead of enjoying her walk with her daughter, she's thinking of the uploading she's going to be doing once she gets home, and imparting these same values to her kid.


The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life was a tough read, I found; but, so worth it! I read it 3 years ago, still have the notes I made from it.

Ah! The scenario you described here of the mother and her daughter depicts so well what society is all about at the moment. I sometimes ask myself if this will ever change. If, the line divides what is private and public will ever become well defined once again; and if people will refrain from the need of sharing their every little thing!

Thank you so much for adding Aristotle’s conclusions to this debate as well as the study! I appreciate it very much 😊❤️

Take care Alexander.
Ps: I already have Lady Macbeth. Next, just allocate a couple of hours to watch it! 😃