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RE: Psychology Addict # 36 | Shaun the Sheep & Marriage

And here is a piece of information that the ladies out there might find useful: Men need a longer break to calm themselves down. Also, their stress system is more reactive then ours [3]. This is a manufacturing fault. So, please ladies feel free to forward your complaint to Mrs. Evolution. 😛

I often say to women who complain about men in general, that they have the kind of men they chose. I don't mean 'they' individually. I mean their ancestors. Females could have chosen to procreate only with men who had XYZ qualities. They didn't. They chose the ones we have.

It's basically a more intellectual way of saying 'everything's your own fault' :P

I think the area of psychology tackled in this post, what we may call 'interpersonal psychology', might be the most practically beneficial thing to get into schools and generally try to 'get out there'. Lots of people could be helped by these insights.

Another movie I like btw, Shaun the Sheep!

It's basically a more intellectual way of saying 'everything's your own fault' :P

All right, next time a woman comes to me complaining about the overall problems they face with men I am going to use this notion. But, I am going to start with "The philosopher Axander puts forward that ..." 😛

Alexander, thank you so much for the observation you made on your last paragraph. As of late I have been thinking of beginning to address psychology more through this vein here on my blog. This post was somehow a test to see how people would receive it. You might know by now how much I appreciate and respect your input. So, it comes as a great motivation for me as well as a good surprise (precisely because I of my latest thoughts).

Ps: I watched the Darkest Hours last night. 😳 Wow! Magnificent. Now, I am in love with Gary Oldman.

It looks like if I were a psychologist, only self-blaming masochists would be my clients 😅

I haven't watched it yet but I have it on my watchlist. I was just worried it might be a "slow" movie. I don't mind watching slow movies myself, but I worry about the other people I watch the movies with! But I'll watch it now that you reminded me of it.

A "slow" but brilliant movie I watched recently is Phantom Thread. It kinda reminds me of The Best Offer in some strange way, though they're very different. I recommend both of them. I think they'll be a psychological treat. Oh and Lady Macbeth (not the Shakespeare version). Oh and Downsizing is hilarious and very original if you haven't watched it, it kinda has to do with relationships as well, people being on different trajectories. Sorry I can go on a roll when talking about movies :D

I am going to watch Downsizing tonight! 😃 I wrote all the others down too :) Thank you very much.

I recently watched The Tribes of Palos Verdes It isn't exactly uplifting, but I really liked it.

When I have five minutes I will give you my top 5 favorite movies list. As for you, wait until I see the ones you recommended here first! 😅 Are you reading something that might interest me? :)

I'll be eagerly waiting for your reviews and recommendations!

The Tribes of Palos Verdes is also in my watchlist so I'll be getting around to that too!

As for books, time is tight, and it's not as easy to read and finish a book as it is to watch a movie. Plus I don't know your taste when it comes to books.

Right now I'm reading a perhaps odd choice: One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each

Here's a waka poem on the romantic side:

And here's an anti-romantic one perhaps to send Egotheist, he'll love it :D


Oh! I LOVED Dowsizing, it was nothing of what I expected! The way they depicted normal folk was incredibly touching.

Thank you very much for the poems, I saved the anti-romatic one to send Ego when the opportunity comes 😉

Here is my current Top 5 list (not necessarily in order)

1 - Carol
2 - A Hijacking
3 - Creep
4 - The Invisible Guest
5 - Second Mother

I am going to watch Lady MacBeth over the weekend! :D

Take care Alexander!

Yeah Downsizing is definitely not what you expect, cos it's impossible to expect what you see! It doesn't easily fall into a genre, and it's not predictable like most movies. I liked the message, the feelings, the humor. I don't know if you watch it in original English or with a voiceover, but I really loved the way the Asian protagonist talked! She was over-the-top but I think she was adorable! Don't know why it has such a low IMDb score.

I've already watched Carol! Definitely one of the good movies. It's not very fresh in my mind unfortunately, otherwise I'm sure I'd be able to give a more in-depth comment.

I haven't seen any of the other ones, so my watchlist just grew bigger!

I do watch movies in their original language :) You are right, the humour in that movie is ... I want to say sophisticated. I love some of the lines delivered by Christoph Waltz's character. Incredibly blunt!

Oh, the Asian lady 😍 😂

Can you believe they ended up together? Hollywood just got a few brownie points from me with that plot!