An expert guide: how to elevate your energetic magnetism

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The saying "As within so without" is more true than one might imagine because, energetically speaking, there is no way for anything to manifest unless it is really a reflection of the deepest layer in our energy field.

Subconscious reprograming takes place through the practical experience, not through theory. Having said that, the theory is merely our conscious manual assisting us in the successful handling of practical experiences. No matter how much we practise spiritual techniques and resonate with concepts of Love from the bottom of our Heart, old energies of dependence will not dissipate from our energy field unless we consciously decompose them.

Actually, to stop manifesting undesired situations or results into our life it does not need any spoken word. When we don't agree with the way somebody is treating us then there is absolutely no need to deign to join the power play. In fact, any word is a waste of time and energy irrespective of whether we choose words of compliance or words of conflict. What proves most effective is to go inward and realise that there is something in our energy field that created this situation to occur in the first place.

Tip 1: Visualising energies and setting the intention to mentally move/clear them is a potent tool to release energy lumps in any area we wish to address. With more experience the purgatory process becomes easier, and we will naturally extend our energy work proficiency into the dream state. Here, we will unlock enhanced clearing abilities.

The reason why we have difficulties with refraining from adverse habits, situations, relationships or jobs despite knowing that they are doing no good to us is that the lack of self-love created over time due to past trauma compounded so strongly that we started feeling unworthy and undeserving, hence empowering misaligned chains of thoughts with increasingly amplified magnetic influence over us that have us act in a reactive way, making for internally adopting the standard mindset of "that's just the way I am". Needless to say, the magnetic energy of our thoughts that coaxes us into reactive actions meant to solve the situation is deceptive and exacerbating. In other words, any prospects of success are illusory, thus zero.

Wound caused by traumatic past event =>self-worth issue => trigger situations => trigger thought chains => thought chains gradually gain magnetic efficacy on us that have us act in a reactive way that is meant to solve the issue => reactive action => cycle repeats over and over and becomes ever more our natural way of going about things

To heal the wound within us we don't start at the beginning but at the end of the cycle. At first it requires our realisation that we have a choice, and that giving our power away is as much a choice as taking it back. When we don't feel like having that clear of a choice then this is just an illusory side effect of having cultivated that mindset for too long. What is recommended to do is that when we are exactly at this part of the cycle where we feel inclined to resort to autopilot action, then we take a deep breath and try to notice that our inclination is a result of magnetic energy contained in autopilot thought patterns.

Tip 2: No matter how much our mind tempts us to believe that saying "No" or verbally speaking up is a necessity for self-empowerment, it most likely isn't. Defending ourselves from others' actions in any way is to teach our vulnerability. Keeping our inner peace in any situation with no words needed teaches our invulnerability. In this state, everything will sooner or later manifest, flow and morph into alignment accordingly.

It might take some attempts to even successfully remind ourselves of taking that deep breath because trigger energy can be very instantaneous and overwhelming, but not to worry: as long as we continue setting the intention to stop our reactive behavior we will eventually surmount it. The moment we choose to not act in unison with this magnetic energy is the moment that the decomposition thereof sets in. The more often we do that, the weaker the magnetic energy becomes, layer by layer liquidising the entire energy mud that again and again entangles us in the same trigger situations. Odds are that multiple times we will end up thinking we finally peeled the last layer of the onion, only to suddenly find ourselves peeling another one. Irrespective of what the mind tells us, keeping on course is imperative.

Choosing against reactive action => magnetic energy's influence on us lessens => magnetic energy in thought chain gradually lessens => thought chain gradually decomposes => trigger situation gradually decomposes => self-worth gradually increases=> wound caused by traumatic past event gradually heals

Tip 3: the magnetic influence our thoughts have on us, making us act as if we had no choice, mostly is the magnetism our own auric field lacks, which means that every time we forgo reactive action, therefore withstand our thoughts' magnetic influence, we reintegrate that magnetic energy into our energy field. This is how Heart and Soul abundance is being drawn into our life. Our auric magnetism increases.

You may ask now: what can I do to relinquish any addictive habits and stop reactive behavior ?

Even though there are certainly many ways to stay aware of our ability to choose in trigger situations, I would say that containing one's sexual energy is one of the, if not the, most powerful way to vibrationally elevate our auric field because sexual energy is most instinctual, which means that while not habitually leaking it outwards perhaps seems most difficult to achieve for many, sexual energy containment is the practise that will allow us to alongside significantly more easily abdicate any other addictive or reactive behaviors just by being aware of them, for getting in control of our most primal instincts requires the highest amount of willpower.

Much Love and Light,


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