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RE: Psychology Addict # 64 | The Romantic Love Delusion.

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That's intriguing, @owasco! And sad, and inspiring, all at the same time. @abigail-dantes, this sounds right: "Plato argues that when we fall in love what is truly happening is the identification of qualities in the other individual which are lacking in ourselves," so my husband's math brains, musical and artistic talent, and all-around competence would compensate for my own deficits. Kinda, sorta. Yeah. (And I was hoping osmosis would impart to me some of his virtues.) This cute, smart, lovable guy just stole my heart and I knew life was better with him than without him. We lived an hour apart when we first met. A sign of falling in love, for me, was how often you think of the person--not "out of sight, out of mind," but ever on your mind. Something funny or interesting happens and you wish he was here to enjoy it too... you go somewhere and think "He would LOVE this; if only he were here with me now!" - and then you're hooked. And you're very very lucky if this person feels the same way about you. :)

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