Fueling Depression With Junk Food

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After studying dozens of multi-country studies on the topic of food and depression, researchers together from 3 different countries recently determined that junk food might be linked to depression because of the association with developing chronic inflammation in the body.

Researchers suggest that junk food fuels inflammation in the digestive system, eventually traveling to the brain and possibly negatively impacting neurotransmitters that are critical for helping to regulate mood.

As a result of these new findings, it's suggested that health officials might now look to administer dietary advice to those patients of theirs who might be dealing with depressing.

About 1 in 12 U.S. adults have reported experiencing depression, it's a common problem for many people.

Millions of us will struggle with depression to some extent at some point in our lives. And while at the time that we feel down, the junk foods that we eat might be making us feel good, but those treats could be causing more harm than we realize in the long-run.

The link between fast food and depression is one which researchers have been investigating for years. Scientists have been claiming that consuming junk food could be linked to a greater risk of depression for quite some time now.

In a study that was published a little over a year ago in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers claimed that there could be a potential link between sugar and mental health issues.

For participants who had consumed at least 67g of sugar every day or more, they were seen to be at least 23 percent more likely to be diagnosed with depression. At the beginning of their multi-year study, none of the participants had reported having any mental health issues.

1 in 6 Americans today are taking some psychiatric drug...

Researchers, nutritionists, and other health experts, have maintained for years that it might be possible to decrease the chances of developing some mental health illness if there is a reduction in the consumption of junk food and sugar. Not only that, but that it could also help promote better health overall.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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That is why I don't eat much junk foods/fast foods.
I think it's like the worst thing you can put inside your body, even though I admit I will have it once or twice in a year, but it never makes me feel good or energized after, if anything it does make me full and very tired.

Thank you for sharing this awesome information which I will have to show my teenage son.

Resteemed, since I am so huge on health and well being that I believe people should start taking better care of their health and most people don't realize the poison they feed their precious bodies.

thanks for stopping by:) and for the resteem

Where to begin...

Sugars are indeed the biggest culprit to messing up your system, including your mood.

Then we have all the junk food chemicals. Chemicals so potent, that they put one drop into the thing you eat. These overload taste buds and fake out the digestive system. They get stuck in neural transmitters blocking they good hormones. MSG was bad, these things are worse.

And then, the lack of nutrition in junk food is the cherry on top. Your body is running on fumes, while the stomach says its full.

Of course junk food is fuelling depression.

Junk food definitely leads to depression. And the excessive amount of sugar in this food, and the fact that it is not enough vitamins and minerals - all the way to depression.

Inflammation: the root cause of essentially every chronic disease afflicting Western dieters. The western diet misconstrues the fact that our bodies are not genetically apt to metabolize food additives and preservatives being put in
Junk and fast foods

Solid article my guy 👍🏼

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I totally agree with this @doitvoluntarily. Junk food fuels depression, because for me anytime I take refined sugar I always feel down in my mood after a while.

That may explain a lot...

Count me in that 1 of 6 with my taking of my own psychiatric drug lol

Interesting connections here. Healthy meals do make the person feel so much better... about everything it seems in that moment.

Im always a happy man after my sweet ol' @kelsnm preps me a good meal!

Hope this will reach to the ears of health officials and warn the public of this potential health threat to the public, especially the youngs ones.

On my part everytime I take non veggie foods, it made me feel weak even my tummy is full.

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