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RE: Psychology Addict # 37 | What Do you Do When Things go Wrong?

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My best way to come out of the dark forest is to tell myself that Scarlet o'Hara sentence: "Tomorrow is another day."

As I now look at events as passing by, I know everything shell pass. What today is horrible or unbearable will be different tomorrow.

I can look at the subject of my observation from all kinds of perspectives and that makes it relative. Every week I am having encounters where I think: "Oh, how annoyed I am! I can't listen to a single word of this conversation any longer!"

Troubles and disharmony in relationships will never end as long as I am related. It's not about avoiding feelings and experiences but to take them as they come and then move on.

Now, when I am aroused, disappointed, in trouble it is of great help to me to think: "alright, this is happening. Is it really that bad?" Often enough I can smile and tell myself: No. It's not.

I like that you went swimming with your brother.

Jumping into the sea surf, doing heavy physical work, pulling flowers in the garden etc. often helps to get away from the brooding world of thought. It gets darkest when there is no longer any interest in living life. Then other things have to help. I'm glad your friend agreed to serve as an example here.


You are a mindful person my dear Erika :) It is precisely this acceptance and awareness that you adopt in difficult times that most of us seem to either not know about; or, not know how to proceed with it.

It took me a long time to understand that, and a fair bit of emotional pain before I realized that I would need to exhaust myself physically first, before the answer to the question "Is it really that bad?" becomes a more hopeful one! I suppose that dopamine helps me with that!

Much love to you :*