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RE: Psychology Addict # 39 | Need For Approval & External Validation

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So in other words all these kind of people should start wondering about themselves and in what state they are because as you said if they don't ask for help nobody can do anything to help them. The hard part to this i think that lies and is deeply connected with social media.

I'll explain a little further to what i mean. If a person is addicted in social media and in an extend he/she is a narcissist he/she may have no idea of what he/she becomes. The reason is rather simple if you think about it.

They live in an illusion

If they have 1000-10000 followers or ''friends'' depending on the social media platform that all day long comment them saying ''you are awesome'' ''you are the best'' , ''i wish i were you'' .''please talk to me'', "wowowow he/she actually replied to me!!!!!!!!!", " i love you", " you are beautiful" they get the wrong idea about themselves and along with dopamine they think that they are ''gods''


Precisely! And that is the reality (or illusion as you correctly put it), they probably build their self-worth upon. It is a fragile one, though.

Lots of love to you my dear.
Take Care :*

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