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RE: Psychology Addict # 40 | How do You React to Your Own Negative Thoughts?

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I still don't know why you don't use 'motivation' tag in your articles. Such a concise way of describing the two types of people that exist in terms of thinking. I will like to see myself as a mixture of Damian and some events happen and you can't but ruminate upon them, for example, losing a loved one. At the same time, I like not to major in minor issues, issues that are not consequential both in the short and long run.

Your articles have a way of ministering to people (myself inclusive). Keep up the good work dear.


Shaid! 😍

What a nice comment you left me here. Thank you for your constant support! I suppose in a way I am a blend of Laura and Damian too 😆 As, sometimes, I catch myself unnecessarily going over and over small things. But, as soon as I realize I am doing that I resort to means that make me snap out of it :)

It pleases me very much to hear you find my articles somehow helpful 😊 You take care. Lots and lots of love to you and your loved ones!

Ps: I am going to look into the motivation tag.

You are welcome abii. Glad you are considering the motivation tag. I find many of your articles 'soul lifting' as they call it. A tonic to start a new day....