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Motivation: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. 

From a very young age in life, we dream our dreams and we set our goals.  A goal basically gives us a reason to live.  Without any goals in our lives there is in fact NO reason to put effort into anything.  You may also have the desire to achieve something meaningful but you might need the motivation to succeed.  This could cause a lot of frustration.  

We achieve most of  our goals for self satisfaction, or maybe to impress other people.  You might lack self esteem or not be self confident enough to reach these goals on your own. 


The greatest motivator of all time is MONEY.  Although it's definitely a great motivator,  LIFE IS NOT ALL ABOUT MONEY. To achieve something or to reach a goal gives you a feeling of self satisfaction.  It makes you FEEL more motivated as if you can achieve more in life.  It makes us feel as if we belong somewhere. To be part of something is what we all so desperately want and need.......  You can be very rich but you can be very lonely at the same time. I have also seen people that are dirt poor, but they are the happiest people in life. 


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The second great motivation in life is to have a PURPOSE. 

Purpose:  the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.   

So are you satisfied with your job?  Are you really doing what you are  destined for?  I have ALWAYS believed that we were put on earth for a specific reason, WE ARE HERE TO FULFILL A SPECIFIC PURPOSE, and only if we have fulfilled our purpose, then we die. 


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People become negative due to a lack of motivation.  It is far easier to remember a negative experience than to remember something positive that happened.  Negative experiences are unavoidable but it is important to try and counteract negative thoughts with positive thoughts.  This is however not so easy.  But just think about it....it could be just so easy.... Positive thinking leads to positive thoughts.  So why not try it?  You have nothing to lose except your negative thoughts! 


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It is much like learning to ride a bicycle.  In the beginning you need training wheels.  Once you find your balance you never forget how to ride a bike again.  It becomes natural. Once you teach yourself to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts you might turn into a much more positive person.    


When I started blogging here on Steemit, I did not know what to expect. I did in fact not understand half of anything that was posted.  The more I read and explored the more I understood.  There were no written rules, but ...everyone just like magic, knew that there were rules to this game.  

The fact that you get paid for writing was an attractive thought, but it was not as if I was going to leave my day job for Steemit.  Extra money is always useful, but for that matter I could get any second job if I really wanted to.  Steemit is my hobby.  

I love my new hobby!  I get to do the two things I enjoy most in life.  Reading and writing.  What more could I ask for? The mere thought of people reading what I wrote, and actually upvoted me, motivates me as a person every single day!  I feel as if I have a purpose again! 

Steemit motivates me! The best thing about blogging on Steemit, is that I learn something new everyday.  With the wide variety of posts I can choose what I want to read and what not.  I have even learned more about myself in this last few months, because I am writing things down, which I have never done before!

Many people are leaving Steemit....and they may have their reasons for leaving...but I have my reasons for staying.  So.... go if you want to go and stay if you want to stay....but if you leave and one day come back...then you will find me right here.  I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

Thank you for reading!

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Awesome - it's how I started off my writing career. I started doing it for the fun of just being part of my words. Great post!

Thank you @positivity! Appreciate your comment!

The thing that motivates me the most is doing something I know will be greatful in the end. Usually, it's self-satisfaction, just as you mentioned.

@marceive very true. Don't you feel proud of yourself after achieving a goal? I sure do. Good luck and keep on steeming!

Nice lyric from Keith Urban there... Steemit has re-enthused me for writing, so I'm not going anywhere in a hurry either