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RE: Psychology Addict # 40 | How do You React to Your Own Negative Thoughts?

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First I'd like to say the cute cow with the bell w. It made my morning. It reminds me of my favorite milk as a child :)

I wish there's a switch to turn off rumination. Life would be super awesome if there's such a switch. But be that as it may, crying over spilt milk has never in the history of mankind replaced the wasted milk. It's just like trying to control everything, anyone who does that has definitely set himself/herself for failure. I see the constant rumination as self-imposed punishment similar to guilt when you think you are the cause of a problem. The non-ruminators live an enviable lifestyle.


Ahahahahaha I am glad you noticed the cow! I suppose it helps to lift the seriousness of the topic a little bit :)

I see the constant rumination as self-imposed punishment

We are fascinating, complicated creatures Green. Even when everything is externally fine, there are still cognitive tendencies that might make life difficult for some of us.

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