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Now, you left me wondering what you mean by ‘give up on society’.

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Oh. What I mean is that I've given up on building a social network or putting efforts into maintaining a peer group. I just like let things happen naturally and let people flock together. The ones who see more than what the world shows and can read the underlying mechanisms of it.

In short, I'm living as me. Not how I'm supposed to live or with a projected image of myself. Obviously, being a pack animal, man can't live without others around him. If I'm not wrong, our outer personality is based around five of our closest connections. But yes. What I mean is that I have given up on living as per the wants of the greater society in exchange for alienation and people who see more than what is supposed to be seen or addressed. People who haven't built their cognition on the basis of a set of rules as stipulated by the society.

Thank you for taking the time to reply and inquire.

Oh! Wow ... what a reply you left me here @grimfangs. It seems to me that you enjoy healthy levels of self-acceptance and self-esteem. I am saying this because of the rationale you shared here with me; which I believe paves the way for someone to reach such approach. It is liberating!

Thank you :)

Well, thank you @abigail-dantes. I'll just say that I considered my own choices more important than what other people wanted me to be. In my perspective, that is the way I can find true relationships with people which I can sustain. It was indeed about liberation initially, but I did stumble into something much more wonderful: taking care and responsibility of myself. I've started journeying into self-discovery and self-control. High time I do so.

Thank you once again. Your words are kind and inspirational.